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Wireless Otoscope Ear Camera with Dual View 3.9mm 720PHD WiFi Ear Scope with 6 LED Lights for Kids and Adults Compatible with Android and iPhone Review

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Wireless Otoscope Ear Camera with Dual View 3.9mm 720PHD WiFi Ear Scope with 6 LED Lights for Kids and Adults Compatible with Android and iPhone Review and Specs

  • ULTRA THIN 3.9MM CAMERA – Are you wondering why your ear is itching or irritated? This visual otoscope is the perfect tool to inspect your ear. It is high definition and movement-sensitive; you can clearly see everything in details.
  • BETTER INSIDE VIEW & SAFETY PROTECTION – The 70 degree angle design fits better with human ear structure, creates a wider angle view, and helps users see inside the ear more clearly. With the specula and the LED lights, users can check their ear with full confidence & safety in mind.
  • 2 VIEW MODES AND SMART EAR SIDE SELECTION – There’s a full-screen and a split-screen modes. In full-screen mode, you can see images in real time. In split-screen mode, you will get clear and straight comparison between the earlier image vs. real-time view.
  • WIRELESS AND OVERHEAT PROTECTION – We built the WiFi inside the otoscope ear camera to simplify our design; our overheat protection brings maximum comfort for users.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE & EASY TO USE – Our WiFi otoscope works well with Android and IOS devices. Download the “BKWIFI” app from manual, connect your phone via WiFi, you can easily capture images or videos and send them to your doctors. You also can use this scope to inspect your ears, nose, skin, hair, oral cavity or your pets.

People Who Bought Wireless Otoscope Ear Camera with Dual View 3.9mm 720PHD WiFi Ear Scope with 6 LED Lights for Kids and Adults Compatible with Android and iPhone Also Reviews

jfijY says:

I have uploaded three pictures so you can see what comes with it and how it works.And it worked perfectly!First off, the product is professionally-packaged and seems to be of durable construction.The first one I tried did not give a clear image and was really hard to focus.Shipment was delayed by 1 day but was not a big deal.If you do not read Mandarin or have a phone able to translate, you may struggle installing the app.A doctor recommended that I purchase one of these so that if one of my kids gets sick with an ear or sinus infection we would have a way for the doctor to see what is going on.The kids learned a lot from researching what we observed.It was extremely easy to install the app and connect to my phone.ssl-images-amazon.know when I need to clean my ears.false alarm .I now have a baseline to see what his ears looks like healthy.Great quality item, and great quality video/camera.We’ve also explored inside noses, mouths, finger prints, fabric weave, cat ears….Set up was a breeze.I know what fluid and infection look like as I am a nurse so it was better than me thinking maybe there was something there, I could actually see what was going on.It let me see in my ears when there’s a need .Phone numbers for customer help are disconnected[review3] I’m a primary care provider and received pictures of a patients ear canals and ear drums from a nurse.ssl-images-amazon.

UFTld says:

It was fabulous- a picture really is worth a thousand words.The nurses were impressed with the quality when I showed them what was going on.I did not have an opportunity to try it because of the software.I like that it comes with changeable “scoopers” so you don’t have to use two tools to clear out wax.The images are so clear, so easy to use.We saw disgusting pus buildup and inflammation and used mobile physician app and attached photos captured from the ottoscope.Images are good to excellent, but to be expected the focal field is very short.The image is of no help at all.Always interested in teaching anatomy and getting patients to understand a reason for the diagnosis or therapy it is hugely useful for them to see what I see.What drew me to it was the fact it has a camera compared to regular otoscopes.I’ve had previous ones that were worthless but this one is worth every penny.It was easy to install the app and pair up the tool.I’m pretty amazed at how clear it is, this pic is one day after stopping antibiotics from swimmers ear.And the tools for removing wax are handy.She’s had some time to work with it, but she’s still on the fence about it.The instructions included are easy to follow.Even before COVID I was thrilled that I could self-diagnose, send an image to my primary care provider, and get my prescription ordered without the time involved in an office visit ..ssl-images-amazon.I thought it was a defect and had Amazon replaced another one.

ruWgfM says:

Would do a ear wash several times and then check the ear canal again and again until all the wax was removed.This eclipsed anything I had ever used, mainly because I can actually look in my own ear.Easy to use and set up.I cleaned the camera as suggested with the alcohol, fully charged the camera and it still looked this.Very comfortable, but the otoscope stopped working after only 3 uses! I decided to try this one this time, but it was a BIG mistake! This otoscope came with super HARD plastic tip covers, and they really hurt when you put them in your ears! Luckily I still had the soft ones from my other one.I use it with both my iPhone and my iPad.It is somewhat difficult to get used to the fact that the otoscope is upside down.My daughter hates anything being put in her ears qtips and my daughter had no problemwith this particular Otoscope thus there was no pain associated with using this product.” I went to the doctor who saw they were mildly irritated and prescribed me a drop.It’s great to save pictures to show the doctor.I was able to send my doctor images of an active ear infection using this device, without requiring an office visit during the Covid pandemic.I tried taking a picture of a little seed on paper and it was super pixilated.I’ve always produced excessive earwax and I’ve literally tried a 3rd party app from the looks of it, bit it does work fairly well.Having an otoscope at your fingertips is a huge help especially if your child gets recurring ear infections.If you have Wi-Fi, Go to your WI fi setting connections on your cell phone or electronic device and connect to the Otoscope connection.They did get a kick at seeing what their ear canals looked like and why its important to use Debrox in them on occasion.I feel that for the price it is awesome.Even the virtual doctor asked where I got this from.

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