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Wireless Digital MicroscopeYINAMA 50x to 1000x Magnification Microscope Camera8 LED Mini Pocket Handheld Microscopes with 1080P 2MP Compatible with Android SmartphoneiPhoneTablet Windows Mac Reviews

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Wireless Digital MicroscopeYINAMA 50x to 1000x Magnification Microscope Camera8 LED Mini Pocket Handheld Microscopes with 1080P 2MP Compatible with Android SmartphoneiPhoneTablet Windows Mac Specs and Reviews

  • ❤【WiFi & USB Microscope】Your iPhone/iPad/Android phone can connect with this microscope via wifi as a display. Observation becomes more convenient.The WiFi range is 10m.
  • ❤【1000x Magnification WiFi Microscope with 8 LED Lights】WiFi digital microscope with 50x to 1000x magnification offers you a wonderful experience of recording a clear microworld. Microscope includes a built-in LEDs that can be set up through a range of brightness levels to properly illuminate your subject.
  • ❤【High Resolution Camera 】Don’t underestimate it .Reaching 1920x1080P, This portable microscope is able to capture HD snapshot of the unknown, mysterious places where the human eyes are difficult to see, along with recording a vivid live- video, available to be stored on your devices upon enabling the app to accessible to the Photo App.
  • ❤【Great Compatibility】Different from microscope camera on the market, this wireless wifi inspection camera will work with Android devices, as well as IOS system. Supports USB interface to connect to computer,microscope for computer, like Windows and Mac.The bigger the screen the better the display effect, and the picture quality is clearer.Supports camera,video and file storage.
  • ❤[Wifi Connection for Phone ] Download the software(Max-see)on the user manual from Google Play or APP Store. Long press the power button to turn on the microscope. Connect the wifi “Max-see”(no password) which emits from the microscope.Run the app and it is easy to use.
  • ❤[Connection for Computer ] 1.Windows system users to download the software “Smart Camera” (The download link is in the manual) and install it on the computer. For MacBook, please use Macbook’s bundled software Photo Booth or Quick Time Player directly.2.Connecting the digital microscope and computer with the USB cable.3. Turn on the microscope.4.Run the software and it is ready to go.
  • ❤【MY First Microscope】Give your children a real scientific toy that can cultivate their interest in learning and exploring about animals,plants, daily household items.Customer feedback: Smooth, easy sale!

People Who Bought Wireless Digital MicroscopeYINAMA 50x to 1000x Magnification Microscope Camera8 LED Mini Pocket Handheld Microscopes with 1080P 2MP Compatible with Android SmartphoneiPhoneTablet Windows Mac Also Reviews

nAwkv says:

ssl-images-amazon.Eurika!!! This is exactly what I was looking for.Easily connected to my macbook.2.It was easy to set up using it own built in wifi and your smart phone.The computer software is okay.This fancy little wireless digital microscope works with my Windows and Mac PC, but the most convenience for me is that it works wirelessly, so I can just connect my iPhone or iPad to take close shot anytime anywhere.But this thing is easy! The app was super easy to install on my old Android phone, and connected to the wifi of the microscope right away.But it is with lots of fun, kids will like it.Will contact the seller and see if I can exchange it.It’s looks nice and have a good quality.The zoom is so accurate and close which is great- but when you move frequently it messes up.The picture quality is good and it is very easy to setup and use.Even when focused, the capture still has unfocused elements .Less than 10sec, down load the app and connect to device WiFi.This supplements learning at home and Keeps the kiddos busy as they are constantly hunting to to catch up with things around the house.Don’t look at a scab close up! Gross! Great for the special garden.The picture is very clear and details are sharp.I was hoping to take pictures of internal flaws but it’s hard to fine tune the focus due to the manual ring shaking the camera when your fingers are on it.

svCiU says:

I took a microbiology class and loved it.Great quality zoom function and clear pics!! The unit is a little touchy making it difficult to focus but is still very fun to use.00 I ever spent I can really see my plants now n luv using it take picture’s to check trichs I use this primarily for identifying bugs and plant diseases in my work as a volunteer master gardener.I like that is is also more portable and adjustable – I can carry the whole thing including the mount with me easily.I set about making my own with a 3D printer.I would like to get an arm that will allow me to move it around more.It only takes 2 minutes to setup. The microscope works fine but I can’t really tell where the image is centered.The companion app works fine, but there are lag issues and lacks a professional feel to it.One phone is the Galaxy note 8 and the other was a Galaxy S6.It works well on bigger objects like bugs.Other than that, it works great at a very reasonable price.They have been hunting for things to look at through it and iPad viewer makes is so much easier than a conventional microscope – recommend! I’m still giving it a f4 star even though after two weeks of having it and using it just amount of times I can count on my five fingers the picture with fuzzy.Was very easy to connect to the phone.This is the coolest gadget I’ve got and for the price it’s a steal! This is super fun and cool!! Easy to set up and download the app, love the wireless component so you can do a lot more.

xcJfqi says:

So I bought this one for her.Really neat purchase and totally worth it to explore just about everything! How fun is this! We have gone digital for almost everything so why not a microscope? All you do is connect wirelessly to WiFi on Max-see app.My kid love to see very small thing.Definitely recommend! This was a great purchase for the kids to learn and have fun.The picture quality is excellent, especially if you’re using a really good phone and if the WiFi is working well.There is nothing wrong with the prediction.I absolutely love it .If I can’t find a solution, total waste of money.Great fun for kids too.Fairly disappointed did not work, email adress didn’t exist.The quality of the pics is great.<!– .I’m obsessed with looking at my scalp and finally was able to solve some issues I was having.Arrived as described and works wonderfully! Easier if you have 2 people, 1 to hold magnifier to aim and focus, the other to hold the phone or laptop etc.Super crisp and it’s easy to find focus! I bought this wireless microscope to see how my skincare improves with a new skin care line from my makeup company! It was so awesome to see what your skin really looks like and it’s improvements! It’s so easy to use and shows pictures so clearly! You can change the lighting and focus to get clear results.

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