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Wireless Digital MicroscopeXVZ 0X to 1000x Microscope MagnifierMini Pocket Handheld Microscope Camera with Light Compatible for iPhone Androidipad Reviews

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Wireless Digital MicroscopeXVZ 0X to 1000x Microscope MagnifierMini Pocket Handheld Microscope Camera with Light Compatible for iPhone Androidipad Review and Specs

  • 50X-1000X Wireless Digital Microscope – This Wifi Digital Microscope is a wireless handheld digital microscope that has been designed to work with your mobile Android or iOS device,also compatible with Windows or Mac computer. This innovative microscope wirelessly streams live footage to your mobile device from over 10m away while magnifying objects with a 50x to 1000x magnification zoom.
  • 8 Adjustable LED Light – 8 LED lights provide excellent illumination for enhanced detail and optimal viewing clarity allows the user to digitally capture images of the magnified objects with 640360resolution.
  • Taking Photo or Video by One Button – Taking an image or video is as simple as tapping the Image/Video button of your device or pressing related APP trigger.The Wifi handheld digital microscope with 300thousand HD CMOS sensor image processing technology and store them instantly to your phone.
  • Easily Operating – The 50x-1000x digital microscope by XVZ includes a free mobile app download and a USB charging cord. Download the free MAX-SEE app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and view the microscopic world right on your smartphone or tablet so you can always take them with you when you go out exploring.
  • Great Compatibility – Getting rid of the limitation in Android, iPhone can works well via wifi! It can works on Android 5.0+, IOS 8.0+.

People Who Bought Wireless Digital MicroscopeXVZ 0X to 1000x Microscope MagnifierMini Pocket Handheld Microscope Camera with Light Compatible for iPhone Androidipad Also Reviews

cmwcX says:

Warning : This product will not function unless you access an unsecure Chinse wireless site and down load an unsafe Chinese app onto your phone ….If you can get the angle right, you can also share a microscope image via this camera as well.Let’s talk about this product for a second.I did scan a qr-code and downloaded the chinese app which worked ok.ssl-images-amazon.App is poor without any information on how to use it.It had me, a 37 yr old woman, giggling and running around my house trying to find things I thought would look interesting under the microscope.You must have Wi-Fi.I have tried to connect it to a USB port and all it does is charge.Once I did get it the software downloaded it was non-functional.Wish the dial was a little less sensitive, more room to catch the focus would make it easier. Picture quality isn’t 4K or anything lol but it’s good enough for what it’s made for.Adults can use this microscope to magnify a small thing such looking for splinter.While the one provided does a adequate job, it is a plastic stand and tends to move a little while you try to adjust the focus on the item you’re looking at.The power of this microscope is more than enough for this task.We thought we had found it but after downloading it we could not get it to work.

vkBka says:

However there is NO labeling to items in the app so it’s a guessing game when you first get it.Picture quality is great for the intended purpose.This thing is awesome for that.So very pleasantly surprised Amazon’s return procedure is awesome and easy.He loves it! Pictures are ok quality Not compatible with iPhone even though it clearly says it is I bought one, it didn’t work, so I returned it for a replacement.Software to drive the microscope comes on a mini disc. Purchased for nature science projects, the Digital Microscope works very well for school-based explorations! Picture quality is very low, comes with Asian app that is difficult to use.Look elsewhere.[review5] This is super fun for little kids to explore! We spent a good afternoon looking at different things and zooming in and out.

nxELdS says:

The idea is pretty simple and it is easy to use.Returned Terrible.I put this on its stand and set the jewelry underneath and I’m able to read it clearly and take a picture to use when I resell the jewelry as well.It charge really fast, I just need to wait an hour or two for it to fully charge.It’s very interesting, it works with phone and iPad, kids taking it everyday where very easy.I am a biology teacher and love using this in the class and at home with my curious younger child.I am using this to do fun science projects with my child and she loves it! Need this microscope while in my garden.It is easy to set up. This thing is so cool, you can see little tiny bugs that will scare you to death! It is so easy to install and you can take pictures.

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