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Wireless Digital Microscope ROTEK 50x and1000x Microscope Magnification with HD 1080P 2MP Camera Mini Pocket Handheld Microscope Camera with Light Compatible for iPhone Android iPad Windows Mac Reviews

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Wireless Digital Microscope ROTEK 50x and1000x Microscope Magnification with HD 1080P 2MP Camera Mini Pocket Handheld Microscope Camera with Light Compatible for iPhone Android iPad Windows Mac Specs and Reviews

  • Upgraded Digital Microscope: Getting rid of the limitation in Android, iPhone and computer can works well via wifi! It can works on Android 4.3+, IOS 8.0+ and Windows vista/7/8/10, MacOS X 10.8+.
  • Explore the World Without Limitation: You can take this mini microscope to everywhere and the pocket microscope is perfect for kids, adult and professional who want to explore nature and the microscopic object, such as slide, coin, PCB, jewelry, insect and more.
  • HD Microscope Camera: With 2.0 Megapixel and 1080P Resolution, the microscope offers you a clear view and enables capture pictures, record video and save these wonderful moment on your device. ★Note: The best focal distance is 3-60mm (0.11-2.36in).
  • Microscope Magnification with Light: Built-in 8 adjustable LED lights allows capture picture or video in the woods and some dark places and it works about 3 hours with one full charge. The 50x to 1000x stepless magnification and zoom in/out buttons caters all need.
  • You Will Receive: 1 x Wireless Microscope, 1 x Microscope Case, 1 x Metal Stand, 1 x Microscope Holder, 1 x Charging cable, 1 x Instruction and ROTEK 12-month Worry-Free Warranty

People Who Bought Wireless Digital Microscope ROTEK 50x and1000x Microscope Magnification with HD 1080P 2MP Camera Mini Pocket Handheld Microscope Camera with Light Compatible for iPhone Android iPad Windows Mac Also Reviews

aUvAQ says:

First, it’s was very easy to connect wirelessly with my iPhone and iPad with its application and also it works with the computer with wire and photobooth app on my Mac.0, 1.I wasn’t sure what to expect after reading mixed reviews but I figured I’d try it anyway, I could always return it.It’s also really quite difficult to use without a stand .The Max-See app is no longer in android app store.On 50x zoom the pictures is very clear, but even on 1000x zoom everything is nicely visible after focusing manually.It is easy to use and adjust and works great with my Google pixel 3XL which is an Android operating system.It worked immediately and provided a really high resolution image.This camera let’s me take detailed pictures and email them to the dermatologist for evaluation.5/5╠ ►Product Need: Wireless microscope, kids gift╠ ►Product Pros: Device compatibility, large zoom option, screenshots, HD, rechrgable╠ ►Considerations: Wifi only , 1000x max zoom claim╠ ►My Review: This is a great 250x zoomable, rechargeable microscope that is made of plastic and has a metal stand.10 years ago I purchased a CARSON USB Magnifier .I didn’t want to spend a lot I just wanted something simple to use that also used modern tech.It has taken at least 6 hours, checking all wi-fi, moving microscope and phone near and away from router, moving microscope near/away from phone, computer…….At first I was disappointed with the amount of optical zoom this unit had, see first picture.I just built several small boards with surface mount components and had trouble verifying the solder job.It was fun for the 8 images I got before it broke.Comparable to digital microscopes much more expensive than this! It can be zoomed in up to 2x, with a scalable light fixture built in.It creates its own wifi system to connect with an iPad or iPhone.When i read them they clearly said wifi, but I thought no, they must mean bluetooth because that would be more logical, and English is probably not their first language.

tdJeH says:

No, it probably doesn’t magnify up to 100x…and there’s some tricks to using it.I am a content creator so I bought this to take pictures to use with the articles I publish.You simply download a free app to your smartphone and/or laptop, so you can connect and control the microscope.the outer case is sturdy and able to be cleaned with alcohol.I have tried every strategy I can think of to get the MaxSee to pair with my phone so I can use it.The problem is that the image on the phone freezes up as I’m trying to focus and makes it almost impossible to ever properly focus.It’s made well enough, but if you want something for legit scientific work then I’d recommend buying a corded microscope that isn’t made out of plastic.I also found the initial set up pretty easy once I found the right app.It took moments to set up and after allowing it to fully charge It was able to plug in and work with my cellphone. This was a gift for my 10 yr.I’ve never seen such a useful tool and with the ability to record video and images on my phone via the network connection this tool will be used a lot.I returned it and requested a replacement.I have a great 35mm camera with a macro lens but I couldn’t get down into the design features of the coin well enough.The LED is adjustable and it works really easy with Windows 10.Microscope is so light, it moves off the object if you touch it to try to you figure out how to connect it to your phone you will be blown away at the pictures it takes.

EnWNjC says:

I have been an avid outdoorsman for about 30 years and this has let me enjoy the outdoors while reducing our impact.No issue connecting to my Android Samrtphone.Use it all the time!Update: I’ve had this for awhile now and I still give it 5 stars! You would be amazed how much I use this.Completely satisfied with replacement! Easy to use.Simple instructions.My eyes are getting bad and even I can see the smallest thing using the phone.The manual is pretty big so that’s nice when you’re first getting going.It’s a little shaky even on the stand.It is not usable as a microscope or anything else- i have to buy something that works This great microscope is little but powerful! You can connect with WiFi and use the app for your phone to help discover so many cool pretty much worthless to me ! hard to adjust.Using on Android it is relatively quick and quite usable.We use it for looking at chrystals and gemstones, and taking Hi-Def pictures of them.The scope doesn’t seem to project more than 2X not the promised 50X or 1000X.No working software available.NO SOFTWARE! The link does nothing so I have a useless paperweight.I can only say if I knew this was available for this price before, I would have tossed my hand held a long time ago.i always want to buy one when i know this product.

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