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Wireless Digital Microscope Handheld USB Zoom Inspection Camera 8 Adjustable LED Lights HD 1080P 50x to 1000x Wi-Fi Magnification Compatible with iPhone iPad Android Tablet Windows or Mac Reviews

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Wireless Digital Microscope Handheld USB Zoom Inspection Camera 8 Adjustable LED Lights HD 1080P 50x to 1000x Wi-Fi Magnification Compatible with iPhone iPad Android Tablet Windows or Mac Specs and Review

  • 【Multifunction Wireless Digital Microscope】This 50X-1000X wireless digital microscope is an easy and fun tool for anyone curious to see the world closer than you can ever see with the naked eye. The WiFi microscope works with Android, iOS, Windows computer, Mac operation system.
  • 【HD 1080P USB Microscope】Equipped with 1080P camera and 50x-1000x magnification, taking photos and videos with a 50x to 1000x magnification zoom. You will be able to see all the specimens and samples in clear detail.
  • 【8 Adjustable Brightness LED Lights】You can capture clear image by adjusting the LED lights. Equipped with 500mAh battery, the handheld usb digital microscope can work for up to 90 minutes. It’s very convenient to observe micro world when kids play outside.
  • 【Wide Application】The digital video inspection camera is widely used in some of the most prestigious universities and large corporations. Most common uses are for education, visual aids, gemology, high tech repair, industrial inspection, quality inspection, and labs/ science.
  • 【18 Month Quality Warranty】Please contact us if you have any problem with portable microscope camera. We support money back in 30 days and replacement in 18 months.

People Who Bought Wireless Digital Microscope Handheld USB Zoom Inspection Camera 8 Adjustable LED Lights HD 1080P 50x to 1000x Wi-Fi Magnification Compatible with iPhone iPad Android Tablet Windows or Mac Also Reviews

hRPpA says:

I first hooked it up to my 2018 MacBook Pro and used the recommend Apple Photo Booth app.It is compatible with android and ios and can also be hooked up to most computers through usb.This a very convenient and inexpensive way to achieve 1000x magnification.I left a msg for the vendor, and they responded right away.I was so excited when I have found this device in a decent price.This handheld microscope is a perfect size and was the ideal price.i had some difficulty getting this unit to work, but that is because i lost the instructions.When the microscope is connected to the phone/device, you cannot connect to any other WiFi network, which turns out to be somewhat inconvenient.It’s just basically plug-and-play.It’s great! Awesome gift too.A few things you need to know:1.I think my skepticism of its functionality made me anxious to get it the disappointment over with.I was a little skeptical when buying this as not every review was stellar, however I was pleasantly surprised when I got it and started using it..Connects easily via wifi and super easy to use.I just had fun looking at food, leaves and other things.Works really well for that.I have to say that I was stunned by the image quality for the price.We have slowly been purchasing more and more so that he can have his own in house lab.[review3] Exceptional trending toy for an inspirational scientific learning experience in modern days.

weQSe says:

It was effortless to sync and connect to my iPhone.Not the highest image quality you can get from the market, but it’s definitely good enough for general PCB inspection.Quality was not very clear either.His eyes popped and he said “its just like the one at the Discovery Museum!”Couldn’t have been more thrilled!He uses it on his small tablet at home – Thank you – He was so THRILLED! Nice little digital microscope.High resolution images and real easy to focus the camera.The mounting arm is very hard to move overall I recommend spending a little more for a higher quality product with a second focusing mechanism.Would not work. I recently purchased the Wireless Digital Microscope Handheld USB Zoom Inspection Camera 8 w/Adjustable LED Lights & HD 1080P.We’ve tested this and it’s really cool.As a developer I know these are not required to make a device like this work Add this to the list of things that you may not know you needed but you may just want it.See my photos of the resin printed model of the Notre Dame cathedral which has numerous areas of very high detail.Only thing is App needs too many permissions.My daughter spent hours on it for small insects , leaves and ….i got it for my son who couldnt be less excited about it.It’s just a camera that has 1K zoom capabilities.After purchasing it for him, this microscope has been a full of joy for my children.The image quality is good enough for a science boy.

giKSxO says:

The instruction manual is easy to understand. If you want a great portable device for looking at trichomes this is your tool.I bought this for my kid to view micro world.Being able to use it on the go is a plus!FYI: any reviews saying it doesn’t work, is not true, it may be a focus issue Love it.Only thing I can say is there was a tiny speck of dust on my lens so I have a tiny black spot 1/16” on my screen.I seem something I never seem before I wish it could zoom in more to see cells! But overall this is perfect for my online zoom classroom especially since the kids are not able to use microscopes and see real slides! This is very easy to install and use! I wish it was compatible with Google chromebook because that is what our school system has teachers using.This is a very good option for inspection and soldering in electronics.It’s simple to use.This devise is perfect! My other ones will for sure collect dust now.entry-content –><!– .Onky issue is that it records in 720p but it’s listed as 1080p on box and listing.Totally worth the value! Very impressed by this little microscope! I needed something that was able to be held in place and not by me.And the holder for the camera broke second time we used it.

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