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Wireless Digital Microscope for iPhone 1080P USB Microscope Camera with 50X – 1000X Magnification WiFi Handheld Pocket Mini Microscope with 8 LED Lights Compatible Android Phone Tablet Computer Reviews

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Wireless Digital Microscope for iPhone 1080P USB Microscope Camera with 50X – 1000X Magnification WiFi Handheld Pocket Mini Microscope with 8 LED Lights Compatible Android Phone Tablet Computer Review

  • 【Powerful Wireless USB Microscope】KFF wireless digital microscope for iphone not only, but also compatible with android phones, ipad, tablet, and computers. Capture photo and video through the usb microscope are available, thus you can save clear microscopic image to your devices easily
  • 【High Resolution & 8 LED Lights】 Your microscope camera provides macro lens with 1080P resolution. (480P resolution for computer) handheld microscope has 8 adjustable LED lights for properly illuminate your subject. You can control the light brightness easily with the LED control knob. It provides clear images even in dark condition
  • 【50X -1000X Magnification】KFF wifi microscope supports 50X -1000X Magnification that can meet your daily needs. Simply move the wheel to set the focal length to obtain high-definition microscopic images. Please note that if the image is blurred, adjust the focus. Different distances from the lens to the observation object require different focal lengths. Start your micro world trip from KFF microscope!
  • 【Exploring Your Micro World】It is a useful and funny magnification tool for people who wants to magnify and explore the micro things like circuit board, coin, jewelry, skin, insect and plant dissection/examination. It is not only a microscope for adults, but also a microscope for kids to cultivate their interest in exploration(Not a professional microscope. It doesn’t suitable for viewing cells etc. )
  • 【Easy to Use and Portable】 Simply download app then turn on your mini microscope to start working, without router wifi needed. Small size and light weight makes it portable. A sturdy bracket with circle base is included in the package for fixed your microscope, makes more convenience for your observing even outside
  • 【Worry-free Shopping from KFF】Please rest assured to buy, free replacement for any problems. Any problem please contact with us through your order number, We’ll do our best to solve your problem

People Who Bought Wireless Digital Microscope for iPhone 1080P USB Microscope Camera with 50X – 1000X Magnification WiFi Handheld Pocket Mini Microscope with 8 LED Lights Compatible Android Phone Tablet Computer Also Reviews

znOsi says:

We first started viewing dead bugs we found around the house and then we were able to see a live baby aphid on a plant I got this microscope for it’s wireless capabilities.They would like to see every single thing under the microscope.Never been easier to capture and share that experience with others. The picture quality is vibrant.My husband is a total Rock Hound so we’ve spent hundreds of dollars in the past few years trying to find a decent microscope to use with our IPhones & IPads.Money, fabrics and plant material have been the best.As soon as we received this product he started having his own imagination that he will now be able to set up his own lab and started to see minute things.The small size of the microscope allows you to take it with you on trips with children to study plants, minerals and insects.I’ll try to remember to upload some pics we’ve taken<video id="review-video-id-R21J1MBHZ74RP8" controls class="cr-video-desktop" preload="none" poster="https://images-na. This is really cool.I spend so much time looking at everything under the microscope! I really like this device.

xcSCo says:

It comes in 2 parts which assemble with a simple spring clip.Er kam recht schnell ,dafür bekommt er einen Stern.It’s fair to say the DR.The detector only beeps in certain places so it shows it only beeps when near metal.We bought this metal detector for my youngest .The pin point feature is his favourite part, but the other mode is also useful for showing what kind of metal you’ve found.We live by the beach so we were exactly needing to dig far in the sand.It is so easy to assemble and adjust and it’s an excellent and clear manual.It is a great metal detector and he absolutely loves it! It is height adjustable which is great for a growing lad.The detector has found a variety of metals from small ringpulls to large bits of old farm machinery.After finding our fair share of nails and bottle caps he was delighted to dig up some necklaces, which definitely hadn’t been planted 60 seconds prior.) Now we have lots of ‘digs’ all over the place, just like squirrels digging up their buried hazelnuts.We are very happy with the product and going to have alot of fun finding all kinds..They were really delighted with it.The kids love it… I have a 3 and 5 year old and both can hold it no problem as it barely weighs anything at all.I’ve been promising myself a metal detector for a while as I couldn’t see any more nails but I was sure there must be some.First impressions being the design of the handle could be better, its a little awkward for a child to hold.The machine handle comes off so its a really small thing that can be carried easily in a bag but put the handle on and extend it and it was perfect for me.

nIMrOQ says:

Good packaging with clear instructions.Hours of fun ahead with time outside the house away from the tv.It also extends so we could use it too.Red = Iron AlloyGreen = Copper Aluminium SilverBlue = Nickel Zinc Alloy PalladiumVolume control levels off or 1 or 2.Really easy for them to use and understand the different flashing lights for different metals.It is very light so easy for a 4 year old to carry, very easy to use and good quality for product directed to children.The height is adjustable for ease of handling and the touch display easy to understand with colour coded item specification.He’s been out looking for treasure in the back garden ever since! His only complaint is that it is a bit awkward to hold without the arm cuff, but it doesn’t bother him that much! Purchased this item as well as a similar product from another brand.Although it does detect objects quite well it’s accuracy can be quite wide of the Mark and so you tend to too dig several holes to find and a tiny object .As total novice noobs we couldn’t justify spending a fortune on a “grown-up” detector, plus we have kids, so this is a perfect option for us to play around and have some fun, without going all in.Detection depth is surprisingly very good, at least 6 inches and the pinpoint setting is impressive.The instructions were easy to follow and the detector simple to use.Pin Point mode is better I’d say as a beginners option, again, as Metal Mode can be very frustrating.A great beginner metal detector.Easy to click together and adjust to the user.Very impressed with the ease of use, and assembly, and although plastic in construction, it feels more than solid enough for the job.It was quick and easy to set up and very lightweight which in turn allowed him to use it for a prolonged period.It is also very light to handle and can be adjusted to her height on the stem.We had hours of endless fun on the beach searching for treasure and have also used it all around the house looking for money.

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