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What kind of microscope is suitable for children?

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Microscopes are mainly divided into light microscope and electron microscope, the latter can be magnified to a million times, which is not needed by ordinary people.

Junior and senior high school students use a light microscope, which can be magnified to about 2500 times at most. This is the limit that can be seen with light sources such as lights.

Take mold as an example of chestnut

A light microscope used by students has three lenses, which are generally 400 times, 600 times and 1000 times.

Things in life, a thousand times enough to see. Therefore, it is more appropriate to give someone a thousand times as much.

Up to 1000 times the microscope can see many daily things, such as blood, mites, hair, mold on tomatoes, cells

What style is suitable for children?


Multiples: 100, 400, 1200

Applicable objects: entry level, primary school students.


1. 195 Objective: get a clearer field of vision than 175185 objective.

2. Mobile platform: when looking at the high power, the manual influence is too big, and the ruler is much more stable.

3. Adjustable LED light source: the light affects the visibility, and the stable and adjustable light source is also the key.

4. Metal fuselage

5. Objects of use: junior high school students and senior high school students.

Binocular microscope, you don’t need to close your eyes all the time. This is more professional, very suitable for junior high school students, and even researchers.

This kind of configuration and price, cost-effective incomparable. No matter study or scientific research, they are powerful assistants. They can be said to be in the kitchen. Few manufacturers can achieve the cost performance of Jiangnan.

If it’s just for playing, if it’s not academic, you can consider this kind of microscope with a magnification of about 100 times, which can be used to see the details of porcelain, jade, and leaves. If you want to look more carefully, you can’t do it.

It’s more suitable for taking children to play in the wild.

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