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USB Microscope Splaks 1000x High Power USB Digital Microscope 3 in 1 PCB Microscope Camera with 8 Led Lights and Microscope Stand for Kids Compatible with Windows Android and Mac Review

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USB Microscope Splaks 1000x High Power USB Digital Microscope 3 in 1 PCB Microscope Camera with 8 Led Lights and Microscope Stand for Kids Compatible with Windows Android and Mac Reviews

  • ★【50X-1000X USB Digital Microscope】With the help of high power 1000x digital microscope, you can see details clearly from the objects including creatures, coins, butterflies, integrated circuit boards, skin, PCB, leaves and other things you want to observe
  • ★【3 in 1 USB, Type-c, Micro USB Plug】Splaks USB Microscope Compatible with multiple operating systems including Windows xp/vista/7/8/10, Mac 10.5 or later. Only support Android smartphone which has OTG function and confirm this function opening status. NOTE: This microscope doesn’t work with iPhone/iPad.
  • ★【Easy to Use】You can download the software by scanning the QR code on the last picture. ONLY SUPPORT ANDROID SMARTPHONE WHICH HAS OTG FUNCTION. (How to Check OTG? Download the free app”USB OTG Checker”). Plug and play, you can use the Microscope through your mobile phone.The most intelligent digital microscope has a key focus function, which can be photographed with one button.
  • ★【High Quality 8 LED Lights】Built-in 8 LED lights and adjustable illumination, 50X to 1000X offers you a wonderful experience of recording a clear microworld. Provide excellece detail and optimal clarity and allows capture picture or video in the woods and some dark places.
  • ★【Perfect Gift 】Splaks portable magnification is a useful and funny microscope for kids, students, engineers, inventors, and others who need to magnify and explore the micro things.It can be used to capture screenshot. 30-day money-back guarantee and 12-month Warranty and friendly customer service.

People Who Bought USB Microscope Splaks 1000x High Power USB Digital Microscope 3 in 1 PCB Microscope Camera with 8 Led Lights and Microscope Stand for Kids Compatible with Windows Android and Mac Also Reviews

yOlDc says:

While the microsope will provide a multitude of resolutions, the resolution that you get is not a function of wheel on the side .It’s a usb powered flashlight and they’re banking on $20 being too small an amount to bother with the hassle of returning.We pulled out money and marveled at the micro-print and the art work that goes into currency, especially foreign colorful currency. This garbage lasted exactly one year after the purchase, which is a lot longer than most of the reviews state.It not only do inspection cameras with providing the highest level of accuracy and high resolution but also provides a stand which is easy to use to reduce operator stress and take up less space, a great stuff for my PCB work,highly recommended.The zoom in and out are too sensitive and I had to add a lot of lighting.It works great at different distances and the focus helps vastly.Cannot wait to look at coins and other items .Given how much a good quality unit costs, I didn’t expect much.Cannot get close enough to be able to use – either it’s too far away to zoom/focus or its so close you cannot get to the thing you wanted to look at.I thought I could adjust the magnification with the thumb adjust but it doesn’t work that way.The stand that it comes with is not very useful because usually need it at a much longer distance for what I am doing.I knew what I was getting into with a product at this price and I set my expectations accordingly when I bought it.Tried everything.I set it up as the directions indicated in the fine print manual with the supplied USB cable to my computer.I then re positioned the object to where I can just slide the scope.Had to use a laptop, it wouldn’t work on my phone due to the OTG settings of the phone.

NOJDc says:

Hopefully to save others from the same aggravation and frustration.Perfect for her.We got it to work quickly, but the frustration of zeroing in on objects and holding it still was just too much for this child, brought up on video games and the cell phone.we spent so much time just playing around looking at freckles, moles, cuts, hair magnified….The 2 issues experienced on her S7 only are the micro USB has to be slightly pulled back out or it wont connect and just today it crashed her phone in early upon plugging it in?? Phone just shut off with full battery twice in a row.The crystal pictured is less than 5mm long.DisLike: It is not practical device.Without the software the microscope makes a good rock.I received my microscope today and a box.Light comes on, but no picture.The resolution of the camera may be what is advertised but even then it feels well below what the image/video really is.I did that and then connected this to my phone to use it and view my coins and it was useless.Went over to son’s house and both grandkids couldn’t wait to show me the stuff they were looking at under the microscope-like device.Only trouble is, I ended up washing my hands 10 times a day for a week after.720×480 image sensor.Great clear picture.Not really worth returning, since the scope works, and I could hold it…But would be better and more stable if I could use the stand.It is only compatible with windows supported computers.We ran around getting close up pics of everything, our toe nails, eye lashes, eye balls, up our noses, our cats nails, bird poop, seriously so much to learn about! We can’t wait for spring time to check out bugs! Thanks to Rhett and Link for reviewing this item.

JyQqaF says:

The build quality is terrible and feels cheaply made. It never worked not once we tried it from laptops phones you name it the software used or the product itself doesn’t work absolutely do not recommend 0 stars in my opinion I had to return it for refund I bought this product to see skin up close for skincare and product testing.Only issue, the app is trash….Money wasted.The size and resolution of the captured video/photo is nothing of HD.The website to download the drivers was a picture of an app and costumer service link was a dead end.I downloaded the software as instructed to my computer and it did not synchronize.Good concept, bummed out it didn’t work with my Stylo 4… We love it.I used to use a little hand held magnifying glass but this is much better and I nan snap closeup pictures of any minting errors.With various lighting it takes nice pictures, from accurate, helpful photos for fly tying, to mysterious images that suggestart photography.Then I tried to do it with my laptop but the app wouldn’t work so I don’t know I use it to check my coins collection…Now I can see the letter above the year without my eyes being cross-eyed it It’s amazing that for well under $100 I can get a digital microspore that attaches to my phone.From what I could see itonly has 2 zoom settings.Android version 10.

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