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USB Microscope Camera 40X to 1000X Cainda Digital Microscope with Metal Stand & Carrying Case Compatible with Android Windows 7 8 10 Linux Mac Portable Microscope Camera (USB Microscope) Review

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USB Microscope Camera 40X to 1000X Cainda Digital Microscope with Metal Stand & Carrying Case Compatible with Android Windows 7 8 10 Linux Mac Portable Microscope Camera (USB Microscope) Reviews and Specs

  • Digital Microscope Camera: Connecting this microscope to your devices via USB, you can see the microworld image on your PC or phone screen. Support screenshot and video recording function. Please note that the measurement software only works for windows user.
  • Compatibility: Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac OS X 10.5, Linux kernels 2.6.26 and above, Android smart phones with OTG function (How to check OTG? Download the free app”USB OTG Checker”). This microscope doesn’t work with iPhone.
  • Wide Application: Our usb Microscope is a great science tool for educational purpose, personal interests and research. Suitable for kids, students, engineers, inventors, collectors to magnify the plants, insects, coins, circuit boards, jewelers, skin, hairs and more.
  • Easy to Use: Install the software, plug the USB microscope into your device, then you can explore the microscopic world. Plug and play, no need to charge first. Built-in 8 dimmable LEDs to provide lighting as required.
  • User-friendly Accessories and Service: Come with the stable metal stand, OTG adapter, ruler, driver and microscope carrying bag, make your operation more convenient. Contact us if you have any question. You would get the fast professional reply.

People Who Bought USB Microscope Camera 40X to 1000X Cainda Digital Microscope with Metal Stand & Carrying Case Compatible with Android Windows 7 8 10 Linux Mac Portable Microscope Camera (USB Microscope) Also Reviews

OZwca says:

BE WARNED.2nd remove plastic lens cover marked “uncover”3rd connect to Android device and setup at desired distance.If you work the math, that’s about 5.First thing I did was check the supplied disk with my virus software, Malwarebytes, and 2 others.I use it almost daily to look for bugs on my plants .Has a CD that I can’t get in my phone.This scope is virtually identical to a lot of the others being offered on Amazon, yet it is priced at about $10 less and comes with a carrying case.I was hoping to use this camera as a means to inspect pests and molds on my vegetables.The video option is just Awesome.It works well for that purpose.Oops – have to install drivers and software first.Very slight learning curve.It smelled disgusting as hell to the point that if you placed the case on top of your bed your blanket would then also reek of the “sneeze mixed with of butt sweat” images are very sharp 1080pand it is easy to use, my grandson have been using this digital microscope for days now he really loves it and his been taking pictures a lot of dead insects he can find.Meh.It delivers a clear image with accurate colors.I went to the website and it said if I have a windows computer I can just use it through my camera.This microscope camera helps me correct said mistakes.They offered to replace the microscope, but I declined as the microscope works very well on my Chromebook.

anRmh says:

Issues:1) Forces you to download and install an unapproved app if phone is running android 10.Find a a free endospope/usb camera app on your phone/computer’s app store and you can start seeing details the size of a hair in crystal clear resolution.My daughter is going to try to get it to bring quality zoom otherwise I’m returning it.However, the cord is embedded in the device.I found this one and decided to get it as it was wired, and that would eliminate part of the issue with the Wi-Fi which is lag in the camera to the app.I had to try a couple of Apps before I got the correct one for it to work on the Phone but that didn’t take long at all and I’m Very Pleased with the Product!! The stand to came with unit is a total fail company must know this and has offered to send a better stand at no charge.I’m using this one for investigating the surface quality of 3D printed objects and it works well for my purpose.I would recommend this for any collector that is wanting to get great detail.The other photo shows how the camera can amplify the very small.Finally use it on a Windows PC which seamlessly works with no flaws at all.I have used this scope on WIN10 computers only, not Mac or Android systems.My old “toy” microscope never had so much zoom and so much clarity.It’s very easy to set up, picture quality is excellent and I’d recommend it to anyone needing to see small things.LED’s should last for years.Zoom was amazing and really put 2 others we have to shame on not just zoom, but picture quality.Plug into a computer and open the camera app.They sell a cast aluminum stand that I highly recommend.That being said, my son loves this! It is a great learning tool for homeschooling.Item arrived nicely packaged in hard case.

PztaOX says:

Zoom is 5x digital zoom.Was easy to set up, picture quality was great for what I needed.It works on just about any platform, it takes minutes to set up, and the rest is up to you. First of all u have to download an app on the laptop and “still” plug ur phone in to sync and u have to allow it to bypass all security.Easy to hookup and use.An aphid,, salt crystals, moss leaves, and even closer to the moss leaves.This scope was plug and play with the Chromebook., colors are true.This works great.You might have to download each to see which works with your phone.The lighting is very strong and useful.A focusing system would help, especially with the higher powers.It is going to work great for what I bought it for—to measure dots from my laser, so I can ensure it is focused properly.I can not get in touch with no one to talk to in regard about getting my money back and I would not suggest purchasing this piece of crap.They send a stand with this one but if you write a review, they will send you another free stand.Build quality is on the cheap side but is perfectly acceptable for the price point and seems like it should hold up fine without too much abuse.I have always wanted something like this but they are in the $800 to a few thousand dollar range.I opened the usb flip up connector and bent the prongs forward for better contact with the underlying piece.I was just hoping for an improvement over a hand held magnifier.

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