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TELMU Microscope 40X-1000X Dual Cordless LED Illumination Lab Compound Monocular Microscopes with Optical Glass Lenses & 10 Slides Reviews

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TELMU Microscope 40X-1000X Dual Cordless LED Illumination Lab Compound Monocular Microscopes with Optical Glass Lenses & 10 Slides Reviews and Specs

  • 【5 Magnification Setting 】 Rotatable objectives 4x, 10x, and 40x with eyepieces 10x, 25x giving optical microscope more magnification: 40x, 100x, 250x, 400x and 1000.
  • 【Double Intensity Illmination(0.5W LED)】 The double light high power microscope has incident and transmitted LED light sources, which can see both opaque objects illuminated from above and translucent specimens illuminated from below. Can’t use at the same time.(LED light source is powered by 3 1.5v AA batteries, excluding batteries).
  • 【High Class Material & Fine Focusing】Metal base and sturdy handle framework won’t make microscope shake. Adjustable hand wheel let the specimen stage lift to crate a image more clearer and sharper.
  • 【Sharing In Real Time】 Included cell phone adapter with eyepiece allows you to capture and record beauty all around you with smart phone. You can share pictures or videos with your families and friends in real-time.
  • 【Extra Free Gift】Come with a box of microscope sliders (4 prepared slides & 6 blank slides) which include sample about animal legs, onion, wood and cotton. Please contact us if you have any problem.

People Who Bought TELMU Microscope 40X-1000X Dual Cordless LED Illumination Lab Compound Monocular Microscopes with Optical Glass Lenses & 10 Slides Also Reviews

KudzM says:

ssl-images-amazon.The light source is too dim to see through one of the included slides – a fly leg.I was even able to identify a fungal infestation on the cellular level.I know they would learn to use a microscope if they were in public school, so I set out to buy a microscope so they wouldn’t miss out.We wanted something high quality for our teenagers but not crazy expensive in case our kids lose interest.These are pictures I took with and without the phone attachment – they are quite clear.ssl-images-amazon.This one was perfect for him actually, it magnifies just like the ones in highschool did.It came with a box with 10 slides, including a few pre-made slides and some blank ones.This scope isn’t bad at all.It took me a long months to make a choice, as so many types on the market.Googled it to try and make sense of it so my granddaughter was not totally disappointed.The magnification of this unit does go to 1000x, you need to use a different eyepiece.It comes with the microscope, a 10X eyepiece, a 25X eyepiece, a phone adapter, and slides .It looks cheap, it feels cheap, and it doesn’t microscopy did not hold their attention like it does me, I enjoyed this microscope so much! I took microbiology classes in college – so, I’m familiar with microscope basics.This microscope is really cool.I have an expensive microscope and compared this scope to my good one at the same magnification levels.Just so happened to be a day after the return window closed.

TPSPs says:

My 4 kids have played with it for hours! Images are clear, it’s easy to adjust, the cell phone adapter is great, and the color filters help visually.There’s a tiny black spot in the view field on the higher power; spot was there before I started trying to focus.I ordered this as a Christmas gift for my four grandchildren who are all being homeschooled.The microscope itself is very light and easy to carry with the handle. I am happy with this absolutely loves it.If you are thinking about getting this whether its for you or your kids do it.even though this is a good microscope, this is for lab use.Kids love the lights of different colors and I love the light from 2 directions.I have been working with microscopes for a long time and this one is quite professional and enough necessary functions, detail.Recommended product.I don’t remember which magnification power we used but I tried a couple different ones and they were all pretty awesome! It seems like the more we used it, the better we got, and the more we felt like scientists! I am so glad I purchased this microscope and can’t wait to look at more stuff up close with my daughter! Seems to be a good starter microscope, despite the cell phone adapter being confusing and ultimately junk.The mobile phone adapter is Handy, because it allows you to share with your family, what is under the scope without having to take turns.Let me tell you, this microscope is awesome! I’ve always been a science nerd and I know how important a good microscope is when you are using it for something important like livestock management.Poor quality color filters as shown in the pictures. Misleading information.

AuwYFk says:

ssl-images-amazon..ssl-images-amazon.It does have a phone holder .The product is advertised to go up to 1000 X magnification however in the booklet that is provided with the product and the Eye pieces made available the actual Maximam magnification is 400 X.It’s easy to use, sturdy, lightweight and overall assembled pretty well.Manipulating slides around is very would be nice if a new LED bulb for the lower light source can be shipped to us to fix it, for we found the LED bulb is replaceable.At the highest magnification a little hard to get a clear image, but all other are very good.The lights are good and lenses and adjustability are good.I am not sure how the instructions were translated so poorly because they just reads like random words thrown on a page.The bottom light won’t work at all.However, monocular head doesn’t turn, Total Magnification is 400X, not 1000X , lenses do have some imperfections, which seem like dust, not cracks, so maybe I can clean those if I take them apart.I really like the two light settings and that is battery operated.I know this is not a professional scope, but disappointed nonetheless.Found this and decided to give it a try.As soon as we got it out of the package I was disappointed.It also comes with sample slides to looks at as well as some blank ones for you to use with your own samples.It is much lighter than I thought it would be – I recall the old ones from high school being pretty heavy – but it performs admirably considering its just a cheap entry level microscope.We can see all kinds of little things moving around.

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