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Supereyes B005 1~200X Handheld USB Digital Microscope Endoscope Loupe Otoscope Magnifier with 11mm Tube Diameter Tripod LED Reviews

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Supereyes B005 1~200X Handheld USB Digital Microscope Endoscope Loupe Otoscope Magnifier with 11mm Tube Diameter Tripod LED Specs and Reviews

  • Powered by 2.0 USB. 0.3M pixel CMOS sensor, interpolated to 2MP definition. Adjustable LED light.Auto white balance and auto brightness balance function.
  • Magnification: 1 ~ 200 times (combined optical and digital zoom), continuos zoom capability. Focal distance from 3 mm to infinity. The magnification factor increase as the focal distance decrease, and vice versa. To change focus, please rotated the knob at the end of the microscope body. It could be used as a web camera if the focal distance is 0.3 m or more.
  • Compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP SP2/2000 32/64 bit, Mac OS × 10.5 or above, Linux. For Mac, please simply use Photo Booth or FaceTime to open the device, no driver or additional software needed. Measurement function is only available on Windows based operating systems. Measurement function includes length, arc, angle, radius and etc.
  • Microscope diameter is only 11 mm, length is 123 mm.
  • Snap shot and video recording functions. Photo format: JPEG. Max Photo Capture Resolution: 640 X 480. Max Video Capture Resolution: 640 X 480. Video format: WMV for Windows systems, AVI for Mac OS. Maximum display speed 30f/s.

People Who Bought Supereyes B005 1~200X Handheld USB Digital Microscope Endoscope Loupe Otoscope Magnifier with 11mm Tube Diameter Tripod LED Also Reviews

hANMf says:

5-year-old backup of the drive!Good thing my computers have 2 drives… one for the OS and the second as a dedicated Data drive.But the resolution on the camera is very low.I do not have a cd drive so I couldn’t use the disc that came with it.I open up photo booth, then plugin the scope via usb as instructed and the camera does not show up.The resolution and magnification is perfectly adequate: I can very confidently measure distances of 0.Difficult to hold steady with the short and somewhat heavy cord.But this was much cheaper and was about the same size and had a built in light source.The focus at the top is nice as well.If you’re looking for something to view the inside of your ear canal, don’t bother.The attached funnel spacer which attaches to the front automatically gives the correct distance, so it is simple to take amazing close-ups of objects that the funnel can be used with.Tripod is spindly and not very stable, as others have noted — but it’s easy enough to rig up something else.But, its easy to set up and use, The software installs easily and the microscope is plug and play.Great for looking at markings on jewelry, & bugs.I turns out that it does.The tripod it comes with is not very useful; adjusting the lighting while it is in the stand or touching the cord to snap a photo means you need to refocus which is frustrating, the best thing is to use the on-screen, software button to snap the photo, however there are no software on-screen adjustments for the lighting.Great little camera for the price! Many uses! Highly recommend.Good bang for the buck.[review3] Very easy to use and fun to look at all kinds of things.The video is so grainy you can’t see the fine details of what you’re looking at.

HxhSG says:

Probably best used for occasional magnification of something. There are some poor reviews, but this is a cheap little gem, it is hard to believe stuff like this is so cheap, but it is well built, and quality is amazing.I used this to check out a hole that opened up in one of my rentals driveway, worked great for that. I was kind of nervous reading all of the reviews for this tool as it seemed like customers either hate it or love it.Windows Device Manager says Unknown device and says it stopped it because it has reported problems.Great for the price, won’t disappoint you.3 megapixel.There is no zoom as some have claimed.I just plugged and played using "photo booth" on my mac.This will be great for my electronics and would be good for gardening as well.You don’t install any software.It captures video or stills in many formats.Mucho crazy won’t blow you away or make you fall in love with it.the camera works great.

LfYTUl says:

Captures photos which display on screen so you make sure you got the shot.However, since there’s no way to determine orientation, I had to knock off a star. Okay, who else, while first looking around for something to magnify, stuck it in their nose?This thing works pretty good.Infinitely focusing, so 200x is very realistic.Just isn’t loading properly and isn’t being saved, plus I had some warnings popping up, stated the software may not be safe, caution if installed.Image quality is just okay, it’s hard to hold still enough to get a decent shot, the included tripod is a joke.It helps me out tremendously with reading the inside of rings and otherwise to help maintain my ability to buy and sell. It’s worth every penny of the price. Does what its supposed to very –> <use xlink:href="http://2azap.I would recommend it. The four-star is for the scope itself, which is surprisingly impressive.

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