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Opti-Tekscope Digital USB Microscope Camera- True High Definition Macro 200x Zoom Imaging (1600×1200) – Video – Advanced CMOS Sensor – with 8 LED (Windows MAC Linux OS) Reviews

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Opti-Tekscope Digital USB Microscope Camera- True High Definition Macro 200x Zoom Imaging (1600×1200) – Video – Advanced CMOS Sensor – with 8 LED (Windows MAC Linux OS) Reviews

  • SEE EVERY DETAIL CLEARLY Advanced CMOS sensor provides high-definition 1600×1200 resolution, so you can fully view fine details
  • PLUG AND PLAY- for Windows 10 and Mac- simply use the Camera App already installed on Windows 10. For Mac open and run the Photo Booth application already installed on the Mac. Additional software for Windows and Mac supplied. Contact us for additional software options if needed.
  • PROFESSIONAL DESIGN Aluminum construction makes this microscope durable enough for daily use on the job, but it’s also lightweight and easy to store for home use. Full size software and instructions disc included
  • CAPTURE FOOTAGE WHILE YOU EXAMINE YOUR SAMPLE With the USB cable connecting the microscope to your computer you can capture live AVI video or record images in BMP format
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE LIGHTING Includes a total of 8 LED lights that you can dim or brighten to provide the perfect light conditions

People Who Bought Opti-Tekscope Digital USB Microscope Camera- True High Definition Macro 200x Zoom Imaging (1600×1200) – Video – Advanced CMOS Sensor – with 8 LED (Windows MAC Linux OS) Also Reviews

sclhK says:

I bought it primarily for viewing and digitally photographing a few inherited coins for sale on eBay.The included accessories don’t make any sense to me.While messing with the focus, I accidentally twisted it beyond the limit.Although the software is a bit hokey, it works.It didn’t work.It comes with also a few plastic attachments which provide a steady focused fixed distance.There were no printed assembly instructions, but the assembly was so simple, it is intuitive.If you use it with PhotoBooth on a Mac, you will only get 640×480 resolution.I’m getting sharper images at what seems like more magnification than other reviewers have posted .It will even focus at long distances, you could use it as a sort of webcam.The stand is easy to assemble and easy it’s easy to adjust the focus using it.It showed up at the earliest estimate, Wednesday.I couldn’t get any software to work with it as a usb device.Pros: Good magnification, reasonable image quality, good built-in adjustable lighting feature, forgiving focus at various distances from the target, pretty good mount functionality.It gives greatly detailed photos at high magnification, although it would be nice if the base was more stable- just touching the cord can shake your view.It is great for showing images that you would otherwise not need a powerful microscope to see.(This, like the returned brand, did not mention Win8 in the manual which means the products have been on the market for 4+ years.The software it ships with isn’t great, but works well enough.I ordered this one for looking at coins, PCBs, and, anything else that can be looked at under very heavy magnification.Also, the software that it comes with is pretty bad.

inQkJ says:

Is it super handy and is it worth the price? Yes.I use the windows 10 built in camera software and it works as good or better than any online software out there.Long time buyer and these guys have raised the bar.Could probably be clamped to the base better, but for the price and for the quality of image i can’t think of a better product that even competes with it.I bought this for repair/modification of printed circuit boards with very fine trace sizes and component lead pitches.It seems to do a great job.I think it’s one of the better USB microscopes I’ve seen available.It doesn’t have a space or a sleeve to help you prop it against the viewing plane Using with LinuxCNC for project edge finding and homing By far 1 of the best purchases I made.This thing is pretty impressive for the money and straight forward to use.I Always read reviews before buying anything so I wasn’t surprised.On Amazon this scope is labeled "Best Digital USB Microscope". The quality is pretty good for how far it can zoom.The setup instructions for Mac are a bit sparse but once I enabled the USB camera in Photo Booth everything became copacetic.The multiple tips it comes with are great too.It is easy to use and fun.It is easy to use and takes excellent detailed photos.The unit not only works great, hardware and software but the quality of the device is fantastic.

YxmFrq says:

Focusing at high mag can be a challenge, but doable enough. too much slop in the adjustments.I wish that the image quality were higher and that the aspect ratio could fill the screen.I have a Dino-lite which is good, but is harder to hand hold and does not play well with smart phone and tablets unless you have picked the right model.One of the apps had digital zoom up to 75% but would stop refreshing frame rate occasionally. for the price, once set up correctly, this is a great little scope – settled the question, "might they be mites"? Wow! I’ve used a great set of Bausch & Lomb binocular goggles for surface mount soldering for a long time.Works a lot better with other software you can find if you search for "usb microscope software"Using it under Win10x64 on my old Core2Quad and it also worked in a VM on my NUC.At the lowest powers it doesn’t have the flattest field , but all things considered, amazing.Somebody soldered a wrong part and I was able to read the part number and replace it.It is the best quality sub microscope I have found, especially for the price.After reading some of the reviews I was a bit skeptical.Makes it easy to spot alignment issues.Love it! Like: Metal construction.I work at a Circuit board shop and we regularly have to inspect multiple different aspects of the boards we make for QC reasons.

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