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OMAX 40X-2000X Lab LED Binocular Compound Microscope with Double Layer Mechanical Stage and Coaxial Coarse/Fine Focusing Knob Reviews

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OMAX 40X-2000X Lab LED Binocular Compound Microscope with Double Layer Mechanical Stage and Coaxial Coarse/Fine Focusing Knob Reviews

  • Total magnification: 40X-80X-100X-200X-400X-800X-1000X-2000X; Eyepieces: wide field WF10X and WF20X; Objectives: achromatic DIN 4X, 10X, 40X(S), 100X(S, Oil)
  • Nosepiece: revolving quadruple; Stage: double layer X-Y mechanical stage with scales, size: 4-1/2inchx 4-15/16inch (115mm x 125mm), translation range: 2-13/16inch x 1-3/16inch (70mm x 30mm); Stage upward moving lock protects objectives and slides
  • Condenser: NA1. 25 Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm; Illumination: transmitted (lower) LED light, intensity adjustable; Focus: Coaxial coarse and fine knobs on both sides
  • Full solid metal frame construction with stain resistant enamel finish; Power supply: AC/DC adapter, 7. 5V/7. 5W (UL approved) – Input: 100-240V

People Who Bought OMAX 40X-2000X Lab LED Binocular Compound Microscope with Double Layer Mechanical Stage and Coaxial Coarse/Fine Focusing Knob Also Reviews

JGkjI says:

However when it arrived, I was dismayed to find no manual was included.I had a “microscope kit” .I can remove the lens and push down on the light bulb and the led will flicker.The LED set up is very well done and effective.This microscope replaced a used lab-quality microscope that I bought privately from a lab scientist.I like the scope, and it’s OK for the price, but I’m not confident that I won’t crush a slide when using the fine focus under oil objective.You must put a drop of oil on your slide cover and then lower the lens into the oil to focus on anything.Boy was I wrong!!My eight year old granddaughter went through a quick learning stage on the fly associating the knobs with the adjustments necessary to allow her to see what she wanted to see.I bought it because of the power of magnification even though I would of liked something with a camera.Kind of scary, actually.D.I think I prefer the eyepiece arrangement on the Omax to the Seidentopf as the eyepieces stay properly adjusted to my preference, while the Seidentopf arrangement seemed to wander off needing constant attention.Here is what i can tell you about this product.The mechanical stage doesn’t work properly .We’re moving away from mindless toys and getting him things he can use to explore the world.I had prepared a test slide to test this scope right out of the box.I thought I deserved a new one after over 40 years of struggling with my old one, and finally chose the Omax.The student microscope sold with the curriculum seemed very low quality for the money.However, I am working with a guy named “Andrew” from this company.

KTTVo says:

I was very impressed. Electronics in the base fried after less than 5 uses.ssl-images-amazon.That being said, she was very pleased with the product.I didn’t want to spend $500+ on a hobby microscope and my husband found this one for me! The image on 400x is great for counting cells with my hemocytometer and it’s very handy having the 20x eyepieces so that I can get an even better look at the yeast without having to deal with the oil objective lens .To be honest, I am not sure how they got my phone number…I assume through my Amazon account.I wanted a present for my Grandchildren and I thought this would be a good one.I can’t recommend it highly enough.The $15,000 microscope I use for routine hematology and microbiology is of course much better than this OMAX I purchased for home use.Now I am retired and needed a scope to “look” at things.It was an advanced microscope for her age but after doing some research I’ve decided to buy this one instead of a toy-microscope.Instead of shipping the product back, I wrote to MicroscopeNet and they immediately responded apologizing for the error.We purely use it for hobby, and we have a great time with it.They also have top notch customer service if you need it.We had looked around for the best deal and had made up our minds to buy one brand in a particular website.There are two focus adjustments knobs which is extremely convinient.Works very well to do the things I need it to do.We did go to the website to learn all the microscope’s features and how to take good care of it.

LnWerY says:

I’ve only had it for a few weeks, but I love.Since diagnoses with type 1 diabetes, his goal in life is to find a cure.I’d advise thinking twice about seeking a 2000x scope, though.All in all it seriously looked like this thing had fallen off the back of a truck.This item was packaged very well, and shipped with everything in good order.What amazed me was the view I got from the binocular view WOW. I was looking for an inexpensive starter microscope for my children.It’s a treat to have a binocular microscope.I wanted to have a microscope of my own and found this one to be extremely affordable.Still struggling with the highest magnification.It came with a sheet with an address to download a pdf of the manual.The utube videos are something necessary for the optimal adjustment process.He loves this one.I like that it seems to be well built and the mechanical stage is smooth and steady.It is way more than I expected! It endured the shipping to the Philippines , easy to use, and I know she’ll be using it until she goes to college.The optics are very clear, with lots of extra features.I so very much impressed with this microscope it was bought for my daughter and I have say that I would recommended to anyone looking to expand your kids educational opportunities and in this case my daughter’s Santa’s list.

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