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LCD Digital USB Microscope 7 in HD Screen 32 G TF Card Circuit Board Repair Soldering PCB Coins12mp Video Camera Microscope8 Adjustable Light 1-1200X Magnification with Rechargeable Battery Reviews

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LCD Digital USB Microscope 7 in HD Screen 32 G TF Card Circuit Board Repair Soldering PCB Coins12mp Video Camera Microscope8 Adjustable Light 1-1200X Magnification with Rechargeable Battery Specs and Review

  • 【7 INCH LCD DIGITAL MICROSCOPE , HIGH DEFINITION, CONVENIENT FOCUSING 】: Electronics microscope has 1200 times magnification and 1080p / 720p resolution. microscope with usb, Adjust the object to the lens and slowly turn the focusing wheel to see the fine details. It is very convenient. It has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, which can work for 4-5 hours. It is portable and independent. It has enough power for outdoor observation and can be used by hand without the bracket
  • 【 THE BEST USB DIGITAL MICROSCOPE,CONVENIENT ADJUSTMENT OF ANGLE AND HEIGHT】: Usb microscope celestron can adjust the screen tilt angle to 270 ° and the appropriate screen angle can make your work more comfortable. The screen height can be adjusted through the bracket to make the work stable. The wired remote controller can switch without touching the host, which makes the observation more stable and the shooting clearer
  • 【COIN MICROSCOPE WITH CAMERA, DOUBLE FILL LIGHTS ON BOTH SIDES】: 8 adjustable LED lights ensure the sample is clear and bright. Lighting level to meet your needs. Display fine details and best clarity. The external two fill lights allow you to take photos or videos in some dark places
  • 【SUPPORT HANDHELD, PC CONNECTION, IMAGE AND VIDEO OUTPUT SD CARD】: Connect to the computer through USB cable. The accompanying PC software makes it easy to record high-definition video, enabling you to accurately measure specimens. According to the size of your screen, you can achieve up to 50-1000 times magnification, more clear observation in the computer. You can also save the image you want to save to the 32G SD card
  • 【WIDELY USED, PREFERRED GIFT GIVING】:microscope for electronics repair very suitable for circuit board testing, clock maintenance, textile industry, children’s education testing, biological observation (not suitable for cells), researchers, insects, coins, jewelry, stamps, plants, it is the best gift for children, students, amateur lovers

People Who Bought LCD Digital USB Microscope 7 in HD Screen 32 G TF Card Circuit Board Repair Soldering PCB Coins12mp Video Camera Microscope8 Adjustable Light 1-1200X Magnification with Rechargeable Battery Also Reviews

ZFcrN says:

ssl-images-amazon.For me who is engaged in clock maintenance, magnifying glass wastes too much time.I used it mostly for recreational purposes with my kids but even doing this we already got a lot of use out of it observing bugs, plants, and coins.I needed a digital microscope that was stable, relatively easy to use, and that took high definition pictures to view the detail of the insects.ssl-images-amazon.I look forward to working with it every day.I use it for examining printed circuit boards for hairline cracks in the circuit traces.Also cool to look at insects and leaves etc.ssl-images-amazon.It’s easy to set up, easy to use and great to see details.ssl-images-amazon.You can pay more for others but just ask yourself why because you will be completely satisfied with this microscope.It is different from or traditional microscope where you have to look through a small eye piece.They used to use a magnifying glass to clasify their coins….It is easy to switch between video and camera if needed. Great viewing of micro terminals and mechanical parts! Amazed of the clarity and fine tuning! Definitely worth the money![review3] Great quality for the price! Excellent zoom and pretty good pictures too! No complaints here! Let’s me take a good look at my coins up close for all those fine details! Out of 4 I have purchased in the last year- this one is the best![/review3][review3] It is a nice tool, really like it.For the price a pretty nice piece of equipment and made of decent materials.Some directions would be nice because I have a plastic silver round thing left over.

csdOg says:

It is great to view things for our kids and see all the details with everyone gathered around.Not much documentation let’s hope enough to use the product.Easy to use.There is also a circular aluminum piece that absolutely has no picture or instructions as to what it is or what is used for on the microscope.This product enables him to read and enjoy his coins like he use to many years ago.ssl-images-amazon.The screen size is awesome and has plenty of detail.The tilt screen is a nice touch.I haven’t used it for any in depth lab work with my students yet but just testing it out it seems very nice and has food zoom.Easy to take photos, store, and share via a micro USB.The software was terrible and the device was cheaply made and difficult to figure out how to use.The zoom is impressive and it has great picture quality.As advertised all pieces appear to be here.

qMSAMW says:

great for many different applications from electronics to simply seeing things from a microscopic view.I love it.It is good quality and the pictures are clear.Picture is super grainy but it does not bother me too much.This has been one of the greatest additions to the shop! I am buying more! High quality images Overall it’s a nice product I would have like the remote it have some different features, instead of just having menu options on it.Good picture quality.I would definitely recommend this product Great product as I am a coin collector. Love the microscope.Translation to EnglishIs not complete! I use it for coins and it’s easy to use.entry-content –><!– .

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