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Koolertron 4.3 inch Full Color LCD Digital USB Microscope with 10X-600X Magnification Zoom8 LED Adjustable LightRechargeable Lithium BatteryMicro-SD StorageCamera Video Recorder Reviews

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Koolertron 4.3 inch Full Color LCD Digital USB Microscope with 10X-600X Magnification Zoom8 LED Adjustable LightRechargeable Lithium BatteryMicro-SD StorageCamera Video Recorder Specs and Reviews

  • [4.3inch full HD LCD screen] Built-in 4.3 inch LCD screen provide broad field of view for easy viewing.Powered by rechargeable Li-on battery (2hrs work time) or USB.Truly portable and independent.Images and videos obtained during your observations are saved to a microSD card(Not included),Maximum supporting 32GB
  • [Connect with PC] Produced images can be easily transferred to a PC monitor or even a smart TV that can download and install the Android camera driver software.When connected to a PC, the microscope is powered via USB port. Please launch the installed software only when your microscope is connected to a PC and ready for observations.It has 10x-600X continuous magnification When connect it with large monitor.
  • [8 Adjustable LED Light] The Built-in 8 LED illumination with adjustable intensity control,allowing you to set the desired level of illumination, and a measuring scale.provide excellece detail and optimal clarity and allows capture picture or video in the woods and some dark places.
  • [High-quality height-adjustable stand] The height adjustable stand of this USB microscope can adjust the magnification and the distance between the camera and the object by the controller.Sturdy and nicely weighted base enable to minimize shaking and keep your specimen in sharp focus.
  • [Great Gift]This LCD digital microscope can be used for coin stamps collection,skin inspection, industrial inspection(PCB),Animals and plants,insect observation, learning detection, distinguishing between true and false, identification of jewelry, print detection,circuit board repair.It’s the best gift for children, students, collectors, testers, and anyone interested in exploring the microscopic world.

People Who Bought Koolertron 4.3 inch Full Color LCD Digital USB Microscope with 10X-600X Magnification Zoom8 LED Adjustable LightRechargeable Lithium BatteryMicro-SD StorageCamera Video Recorder Also Reviews

YCxOI says:

Since I’m 72 years old and wear bifocal glasses, I didn’t want a regular optical microscope.The screen is bright and displays in high resolution.ssl-images-amazon.It looks very cheap.As i have gotten old the eyes are not as good as when i was younger.I highly recommend it.I was disappointed in that one, so was reluctant on buying this one.For what I paid for it it is extremely cheaply made and I expected a lot more.I have not tried to connect to the Computer yet.I need six of these for a school program but feel the instructions are so poor wont be able to get the kids to learn to use it in a reasonable time frame.We used it to look at the ridges and whirls on our fingertips, then noticed the pores .I like very much it’s battery powered allowing me to take it were it’s needed.SHE LEAVES 100% NO DOUBT WHAT SO EVER THE MAGNIFICATION YOU GET IS… WELL ITS SO GREAT THATIF YOU CANT FIND ANY ERROR COINS WITH THIS UNIT THEN YOU HAVE NONE AND NEED TO KEEP SEARCHING… I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO IDENTIFY EVEN THE SMALLEST KNOWN COIN ERRORS OUT THERE AND SOME OF THEM ARE EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO IDENTIFY BUT NOT AT ALL WITH THIS UNIT ITS LITERALLY THE DIFFERENCE OF KNIGHT AND DAY.I have used other USB scopes that are better for the moneyspent.I would say that the durability might be an issue with constant use, but we’ll see.The product is smaller than I expected.I was expecting low resolution screen and slideshow frame-rates but instead was pleasantly greeted with a high resolution picture and a nice responsive video feed.Easy to use and im very pleased with this device.You don’t know what your magnification I except for the two extremes of the range.

QJRxh says:

I am using it without my laptop. This is a good microscope, however I was using it for tiny SMD soldering, and it gets big but there’s no room to move a soldering iron or heat gun over it when it’s zoomed in all the way.I also use it for identifying characteristics of extremely small insects .Easy for older kids to use.Probably the worst micro scope I’ve ever purchased. this little guy packs a punch for the price! You can see the extreme details on coins and the cracks on your fingernails! So easy to setup and adjust! As soon as I opened the package, I noticed that the camera was loose.We purchased this for coin inspection and it was great. The large lithium battery has no safety markings, so unsure if it is safe and I took it out and am using it on usb power only.He absolutely loved the digital screen and the portability of the microscope.3inch full HD LCD screen with outstanding display effect.If you are a coin collector and need to see coins up close or try to find miss prints this is the best microscope.The English “operating instructions” were sketchy at best, and when initially powering up the unit, the screen display was in Chinese.Ease of use was biggest concern because she is just now getting used to her smart phone.There is no zoom feature, and most importantly, there is only 10x magnification.I use it to do experiment at lab, and it works very well.

xwqOtf says:

Worked perfect for what I purchased it for, closer inspection of coins. Unpacked and found it to be bad Lacking close up detail Wish it was a stronger magnification This was at a great price compared to similar models. I don’t have very good sight and it is worse at nights.Takes two hands to get focus.. This was by far a great purchase.He was able to use it right away with no trouble.Would highly recommend. It was very simple to set up and use, but I don’t think the description is accurate.Very easy to use and has great picture.Just what i needed got tired of the others ones i try.The picture is great, and the camera works good.

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