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Hydrofarm AEM40 Active Eye 40x Magnification Microscope White Review

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Hydrofarm AEM40 Active Eye 40x Magnification Microscope White Reviews and Specs

  • Active eye microscope, 40x magnification
  • Easily identify pests, diseases, or plant species to target fast solutions; provides targeted, optimal illumination
  • Includes batteries and case; compact and light weight design
  • Measures 5. 6-inch length by 4. 2-inch width by 0. 2-inch height
  • Measures 6-inch in length by 2. 3-inch in width by 1. 3-inch in height

People Who Bought Hydrofarm AEM40 Active Eye 40x Magnification Microscope White Also Reviews

nkBlr says:

Keep in mind, this scope is 40x so you need somewhat of a steady hand if using to inspect Trichs. This was recommended by a friend and it works great.I can still use the scope, but not very easily.00 I believe.100x magnification outperforms any loupe I’ve used in 30 years. Gets great close ups.The end of it seems to be coated with a very sticky and sticky substance.[/review3][review3] So much better than I imagined.1) It uses 2 AA batteries for light.It’s absolute garbage..Must be very still to see what you want to.Good optics.

hGBKa says:

I would buy it again, for sure. No complaints. Love it can see what the naked eye can’t Could be a 60 x This magnifier is good, but has a small space to magnify..Recommended. To see anything with this scope it has to be on a flat surface and still as a mirror.The 40x is much easier to focus than the 100x Just what we were looking for! Works as expected.Got a jewelers loop illuminated that works much easier.

BLuZlT says:

A little touchy on the focus.Easy to use for gardeners of every skill level. Works perfectly. I returned the first one I got because the led broken. Very nice product! Works great, nice focus,easy to operate, can’t go wrong with this product. This is typical Chinese junk.Works like a charm! as usual coming from amazon with speedy delivery.What’s the use of having a scope with no light source if you can’t see ANYTHING.Works well for my needs though.Very easy product to use and it works great..

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