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How to observe sperm with microscope?

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After graduation for many years, I always wanted to buy a microscope. I bought one last month. I can’t afford to play with Honghan’s universe. I can see the majestic micro world. The first person to think of observation, of course, is sperm. I write a little more here, which can be regarded as a popular science answer.

Adult men ejaculate about 2 ~ 7ml at a time, too much or too little is not good, it is not generally believed that the more the better, more sperm will be diluted, semen is mostly water, reaching more than 90%, the rest is sperm, a variety of related enzymes, weak alkaline.

The normal fluid is grayish white or yellowish. Color can be self check ha, other colors, such as red or yellow, you need to doubt whether there is inflammation in some place. Let’s talk about how to observe sperm with a microscope. If there is a sterile container, it’s better to roll a tune and look at the piece (don’t give it to me, I don’t have it). If there is no such container, we can use non spermicidal condom. Self inspection is enough.

Microscopes usually have straws or glass rods. It’s OK to dip semen with glass rods, which will pull up the silk within 2cm. This is also the performance of normal semen. It’s OK to use straws or glass rods.

Drop it onto the clean slide, clamp the cover slide with tweezers, cover it from one end, and clean the liquid outside the cover slide to avoid polluting the objective lens. First observe with a low power lens, 10x objective lens, eyepiece optional, soon you can see, there are a lot of small things moving.

Next, move the subject to the center of the field of vision. In fact, if sperm is not used, it will run around. The field of vision is all self-adjusting.

Then the key is to change the high power mirror. Because the objective lens is too close to the slide, you must switch it carefully. Sometimes you can switch it directly. If you are afraid of damage, you can first raise the lens barrel. The observation lens barrel drops to the lowest point you think, and then rises. After seeing the object image, you can use the fine focus screw to make the vision clear, so as not to stab the slide.

I also feel that the effect of switching eyepiece is not obvious, so I don’t repeat the picture, and my hand is shaking when shooting with my mobile phone.

Change 100x objective lens, 25X eyepiece, 2500 times, it is very clear, you will see sperm has head, tail, tail is very long. It’s tail driven.

First, prepare the tools, microscope, slide, cover glass and toilet paper. If you focus the microscope in advance, you can see the sperm with a 10x objective, but it’s too small. Generally, it’s 40x. With a 10x or 15x eyepiece, you can see the sperm 400-600x. You don’t need an oil lens. Use a piece of specimen to focus and adjust the brightness first. After that, you just need to fine tune it

Why do you need to focus in advance? The sperm will die soon in the normal temperature air, and it will not move for a few minutes. When you finish rolling, you always have to take a breath, which takes some time.

Normally, when you’re done, apply semen on the glass slide without staining. Cover the glass slide well. It’s ok if you don’t cover it. It won’t lose much image quality. However, the working distance of the 40x objective is very short, so you can’t poke semen…. Fine tune it. Take a closer look…..

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