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Dino-Lite USB Digital Microscope AM3111-0.3MP 10x – 50x 230x Optical Magnification 8 LEDs Reviews

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Dino-Lite USB Digital Microscope AM3111-0.3MP 10x – 50x 230x Optical Magnification 8 LEDs Review

  • 10x – 50x, 230x OPTICAL magnification, 640 x 480 0.3MP image resolution, 30 FPS (video)
  • 8 LEDs you can turn on and off
  • Easy to use for both students, hobbysists, and professionals.
  • Supports Windows (XP/Vista/7/8/10), Mac OS 10.5 and above, Android.
  • SOFTWARE included offers rich features for saving, annotating, comparison, and analysis of captured images.

People Who Bought Dino-Lite USB Digital Microscope AM3111-0.3MP 10x – 50x 230x Optical Magnification 8 LEDs Also Reviews

bobwf says:

so take this review to the bank.The focusing is superb.I downloaded and installed the software from the dino-lite website on my windows 10 laptop, plugged in the dino-lite and it started displaying images instantly.I have observed its use in another preschool. This is a good additional to my workshop as it allows inspection of parts and work that would otherwise be impossible.My previous device had a range of levels which I greatly miss.It allows you to bring material to class and project the microscope’s view directly onto the screen.He already had a microscope but nothing as strong as this or as compact.I do wish that I could take a picture from the device instead of having to go to the computer.2) Impossible to adjust lighting beyond on/off.I’ve been using mine now for over 3 years and haven’t had any problems with it.Very crisp images.0) 10x~200x Magnification I order this product after returning a less expensive one that came with a mini-CD that won’t work with Macs, and no opportunity to download driver from Mfg.we can use this on customers face and hair follicle check ups.

KAVnO says:

Very crisp images. We have three of these. I got this product for Christmas and I love it.great zoom Works on our machine fine.I was only surprised that you can’t dial in magnification/focus separately.Amazing vision.I bought the Celestron 44302 first, trying to save $$$.The images it produces are very clear.He was thrilled when he got this in the mail. Fast delivery, works as expected.

hVVocm says:

00 more and get it with the "micro-touch" if you’re planning on a lot of photos.0 ports.I use this daily and have had no issues.The Dino-Lite makes great photographs and is usefull for limited analysis. It’s pretty awesome for the price…Would recommend for anyone needing to do close up work…it really highlights and magnifies well for a small unit.The drivers and application can be found at […]Again, all of the reviews for this device are VERY old and Dino-Lite is owned by a different company that constantly update their drivers and software. In terms of installation and ease of use, this gets 5 stars.entry-content –><!– .None of my three laptops can run it, even though i was using powered USB 2.

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