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CTA Tools 4245 CV Joint Puller Reviews

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CTA Tools 4245 CV Joint Puller Review and Specs

  • Pulls CV Joints with Hidden Retaining Rings
  • Prevents Damage to the Roller Bearing Inside the Joint
  • Use with CTA Tools 4310 Axle Puller
  • Heavy-Duty Construction Allows for Strength and Durability
  • Whether Tuning Up Your ‘68 Corvette or Changing The Oil on a John Deere Tractor, CTA Can Supply You with the Tools Needed to do the Job

People Who Bought CTA Tools 4245 CV Joint Puller Also Reviews

iSIdL says:

The thickness is too much to allow it to fit between the CV joint and a New Beetle’s transaxle.Must have for FWD axle removal.After an hour with this and constantly slipping out I switched over to the vice grip attachment and to pulls later CV axle removed After struggling to remove the passenger side front CV axle from a 2001 RAV4, I ordered this puller with a 5 pound slide hammer.Arrived even before approx date of delivery.This axle was so rusted into the splines of the transmission I seriously wondered if it was ever going to come out.Even the nut that came with it was the right pitch, but not the tool.One poop of the slide hammer and the CV shaft poops out.I have also used it on a few rear axles, where the diff has no area to pry the axle outta[/review3][review3] Pulls cv shafts.V.Other than that well made.Great product.

eomWe says:

I have also used it on a few rear axles, where the diff has no area to pry the axle outta Pulls cv shafts. Work fine Not strong enough ok works like a charm! It do fit on Alltrade/Powerbuilt 648611 Kit 41 Master Axle Puller Tool Set.Just doesn’t fit in most applications Travaux divers.I use it with my sliding hammer.Needed to use an extension though.

lWrLNy says:

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