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Celestron NexImage 10MP – Solar System Imager Clear Detailed Planetary Images Black (93708) Review

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Celestron NexImage 10MP – Solar System Imager Clear Detailed Planetary Images Black (93708) Reviews

  • Easy to use color camera, provides live video for quick focusing.Operating System Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10,Software Compatibility iCap, IC Capture, DirectShow, oaCapture
  • 3856 x 2764 pixel array with small pixels, provides high resolution images
  • Includes Celestron iCap software for image capture and export
  • Includes RegiStax stacking software that automatically filters the best images, aligns, and stacks your planetary images
  • Mac OS X compatible using oaCapture and Lynkeos downloads

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vwrVp says:

This let dust and dirt fall inside, and ruined future captures, even after gluing the glass back in place.But, I was excited and wanted to take it out to test.I’m posting a few tips that should ease the pain for new users with Windows 10.The 90mm AZ is a manually operated telescope .You cannot ignore the equipment you mate the imager to when judging its performance.The best I can do is to get an image of a [grey scale] leaf across the street during daylight hours.I haven’t had a chance to try it until yesterday and now I’m beyond the return period and stuck with an unusable and expensive item that, even with the software they advise you to get, does NOT work with a MacBook Air.It did give me nice results once I figured out how to use it.That means Sun, Moon, and the larger/closer planets.I don’t know if there camera is good or not because the computer won’t recognize the camera.2 stars may be a bit much but I gave it that because it loads on any windows platform from vista up.25” eyepieces, along with a USB 2.Now, it seems, for the first time, novice and pro backyard astronomers can afford this package.Its uses windows drivers.Every time I use it I get a little better and the images improve.I am not sure if I have a defective camera or if this is an overall problem with this model.I have a MacBook Pro.1 out of the box.I got their iCap software from the website, but without the correct drivers you can’t get it working.

OJaRV says:

Just stick it where your eye piece goes and boom the image streams on your computer.Just light or dark.ssl-images-amazon.Celestron customer services was very helpful when I had trouble getting everything set up on my computer.I admit it is taking me a while to get the camera, telescope, and software all properly set up to work with my laptop but am anxious to see the results of my first efforts weather and time permitting.Returned it, got refund.I took the attached picture of Saturn with a NexStar 8se.Sort of like the IT engineers at Microsoft who created Windows 8.I use this camera with my Nexstar 8SE on an AVX Mount.Very poor image quality.It’s nice that I was able to use it with my computer and essentially peer through the scope with the screen. Was only able to use a couple times before northern California air went to pot with fires.0 or 3.Haven’t had a chance yet to try it in my Celestron 8SE yet so I will update this review in the future when I get some clear dark skies without minus freaking 30 temperatures 🙂I put a video on Vimeo so you can see what I saw within the first 5 minutes of opening the box.Instead, I will review it for what it is and that is an affordable and easy to use introductory camera for planetary imaging, aka, astrophotography.When combined with ICAP and Registax software, it creates terrific images.I tried uninstalling it and all reinstalling it but it would never work.not happy for a 10 megapixel device and resolution should be excellent … things more than a mile away are not well defined.

UqSpGe says:

When combined with ICAP and Registax software, it creates terrific images.I only give it three stars not one because I believe that I’ll evwntually figure it out and it’ll work as advertised Perfect pictures and a great camera.Use the program UCVIEW and install appropriate libraries.My DSLR does better and takes higher quality images.Little bit of a learning curve but that’s to be expected. I have made several attempts to get this to work, and have failed everytime.took out on the first dry night and it made a noise that it connected to my laptop but, does not showa picture or hook up to the i cap software it comes with.Doesn’t even show clear pictures.Had to be returned.The XP system is an old laptop, and we had to download a driver from the Celestron site to get the enclosed iCap software to acknowledge the camera.I’ve been able to get great details on the planets using Registax 6 and AutoStakkert.entry-content –><!– .One thing to keep in mind is this camera is equivalent to a 5mm eyepiece so the magnification is huge, requiring you to really zero in on the object.Really impressived with the detail this little camera can see.Good quality all the way around! Made of metal and the images are fantastic.

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