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Celestron MicroDirect 1080p HD Handheld Digital Micro Viewing Digital Microscope Grey (44316) Reviews

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Celestron MicroDirect 1080p HD Handheld Digital Micro Viewing Digital Microscope Grey (44316) Reviews

  • 1080p video streaming of microscopic worlds via included HDMI cable directly to your monitor or projector. NO COMPUTER NEEDED!
  • 3.5MP high speed sensor has larger pixel sizes that allow more details and a higher refresh rate
  • 10x to 220x power magnification
  • Records high definition still images. Images are saved directly to a Micro SD card (not included)
  • Capture 720p High Definition video at 30 fps when connected to a PC via USB

People Who Bought Celestron MicroDirect 1080p HD Handheld Digital Micro Viewing Digital Microscope Grey (44316) Also Reviews

WSAtN says:

I chose Celestron as I’ve had good success with their products in the past including a USB microscope that is built fairly well.Overall, this worked easily out of the box expected, and output to the tv via hdmi is very convenient.I did not have any type of disc in the package. The computer did not find the microscope when would work for a brief.Thanks Again! Finally, a version that does not turn off automatically! This is a perfect tool for around home use and works better than could be expected.This is a very nice unit that let’s you get in close and to see imperfections.When I connect this to TV, it show 1080i and shows interlaced image.I may well be buying one for my granddaughter and grandson soon.[review3] would not work did not bothered to return[/review3][review3] Before getting offered to review this particular model of the Celestron digital microscope, we have had this[/review3][review3] Great optics, but the software is far less versatile than a similar device I paid much less for. Image into our display is great..Use it to view coins, clarity is great to determine value of coins.My husband is a coin collecter so he spends hours looking at coins and can see them clearly on the TV.

xgWqE says:

Thankfully, the software for the cheap scope works with this one, so between the two I have one very functional device.It has a great quality picture, and a fast response.In a nutshell, we’re poor.Quality product.I have a friend who has a much simpler and lesser quality type of microscope and was amazed how cool that was.I like that it can be connected directly to a monitor.ssl-images-amazon.entry-content –><!– .So far I’ve only used it plugged into my tv, but when I add a micro SD card, I will take some pictures to show you how cool this is.I wish it was strong and the lighting adjustment is bad it goes from too bright to too low with little control.This unit works great as a stand alone with a small display or by connecting to a computer and using the display capture/store features of the software.5 megapixeles en el software lo saca a menos calidad aproximadamente a la mitad, y hay otro software mejor de un modelo que es para 5 megapixeles pero que de mismo celestron pero que simplemente no funciona con este aparato, a tomar en cuenta que el zoom es comparar con la imagen resultante en monitor aproximadamente de 20 pulgadas, estoy contento con el producto pero siregresara el tiempo compraria el de 5megapixeles y es mas barato, pero mayor calidad y mas compacto pero claro que de la misma marca aunque si quieres la funcion de no usar computadora esta es la opcion es muy bueno Bought this product as a gift for my daughter, today Nov 14 we opened it, connected to the monitor and there is white mark on the screen that obviously from microscope.

BeqYsD says:

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