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Celestron Digital Microscope Imager HD 5MP Black (44422) Reviews

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Celestron Digital Microscope Imager HD 5MP Black (44422) Reviews and Specs

  • Simple, rugged aluminum housed 5MP CMOS sensor
  • Replaces the eyepiece on your traditional microscope. Turns any existing traditional microscope with 23 mm or 30 mm eyepiece diameters into a digital microscope
  • Takes high resolution still images and 30 fps video
  • USB powered – Connects to your personal computer via open USB port
  • Software included – Works with both Mac and Windows PCs
  • More robust software with new features like measurement, calibration, note taking and comparison feature which allows comparing 2 live streams

People Who Bought Celestron Digital Microscope Imager HD 5MP Black (44422) Also Reviews

uyAkC says:

Most eyepieces are 10X magnification.then the pixels just start to spread out.It would probably be sufficient for a child who is a beginner with absolutely no experience nor expectations.The collector window also has an anti-glare coating; I was honestly expecting less for $35.The software doesn’t provide a resolution setting that precisely matches the image sensor’s native resolution, so it either needs to upscale or downscale the image to fit, resulting in some pixel distortion.The option on the setup menu doesn’t even give you the capability of searching for the device.Arrived today.The Celestron has a 15x lens, so with the Amscope’s 4x, 10x, 40x, and 100x objective lenses, one gets a magnification of 60, 150, 600, and 1500 respectively, instead of the magnifications of 40, 100, 400, 1000 magnifications achieved with the Amscope’s standard 10x ocular lens.I have a Bausch & Lomb binocular scope.It is great to have the image of what is under the microscope to allow everyone to see it at the same time rather than have to take turns peeking through the microscope itself.It performs very well, but does have some limitations.I was even able to use this in place of a c-mount camera on the trinocular tube by using an optical cube as a spacer/mounting point.The Omax is a very good microscope for the price and this Celestron imager has, if anything, even better optics.I am absolutely amazed at the images I’ve gotten out of the thing.Don’t confuse it with the lower performance Celestron camera and software that is shipped with some of their microscopes.I slipped the camera into the scope, plugged the USB connector into my Mac, and I was capturing images.Camera goes in one eyepiece and view through other to get a dim, fuzzy, worthless microscope image because what is needed is a microscope camera that has a reducing lens – not one that does the opposite .

PBxPT says:

.After an internet search, and realizing that my budget would not allow me to duplicate the expensive equipment I use at work, I settled on the Celestron eyepiece accessory.It is going to really change my presentations and content since I can show them exactly what they are looking for and document our labs easily.I expected more from it – like a better image on the computer screen.Loading the software was a chore.0.I was a professional Microbiologist prior to studying Medicine and still have three microscopes, including an ancient Swift International as well as a 50 year old Nikon with a rather ancient lighting system.If you want full image capture at the highest possible quality, but a digital imaging microscope for $2000-$5000 As a hobbyist, I am impressed.ssl-images-amazon.Some useful facts I didn’t see mentioned elsewhere:– At its max resolution, 1600×1200, only does 5fps.The device is almost completely plug n’ play.I have had webcams take better pictures.When used this way, the focal point is not the same as the 10x occular lens it replaces, or the other eyepiece.It seems like a solid product.The price was good, I didn’t have too much expectancy from it.Try focusing and it goes from blurry to grainy.It was easy to install and set up.I have 4x, 10x, and 40x objectives with a 10x eyepiece, but when swapping the eyepiece for the Celestron you are viewing at 30x the objective.

jsuQFt says:

It loaded OK on Windows 8, which is a minor miracle.Returned the cheapo microscope and got the My First Lab Duo-Scope MLF-06, way better microscope and this fit perfectly.This camera just replaces the eyepiece and installs very easily.This severely limits the utility of the device.It appears that the handling and packaging material may have touched and scratch the film in both items that I purchased.Pros:It fit into the phototube very well, and was easy to adjust to be par focal with the rest of my wild m20.ssl-images-amazon.Despite one reviewer’s comments, with just a tiny bit of effort, it CAN be made parfocal with your other eyepiece.By the time I make it through two slides, I have to take a break, or else I start seeing bright lights when looking around. I purchased this inexpensive camera to use in one of the eyepieces of a stereomicroscope.95 at Celestron’s website but paid only $34.I am fairly disappointed in the video quality, though I am still satisfied with the purchase.Yesterday I assembled the system only to be disappointed when the included software reported that it could not find the imager.I wish I’d bought this when my kids were younger, it is pretty amazing.Product simply works.Outstanding product for a killer price.I had no trouble at all.So don’t buy it for that.It’s a lot easier to take photos and videos than holding my cell phone up to the eyepiece, and that’s really all I wanted.

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