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Celestron – 5 MP Digital Microscope Pro – Handheld USB Microscope Compatible with Windows PC and Mac – 20x-200x Magnification – Perfect for Stamp Collecting Coin Collecting Review

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Celestron – 5 MP Digital Microscope Pro – Handheld USB Microscope Compatible with Windows PC and Mac – 20x-200x Magnification – Perfect for Stamp Collecting Coin Collecting Reviews

  • True 5MP sensor to capture and save high resolution images and videos of your specimens
  • 5 Element IR cut high quality glass lens ensures sharper images. Shutter Speed 1 second to 1/1000 second
  • 20x to 200x powers, great for low power observation of 3D specimens (Note: Final magnification determined by monitor size)
  • 4 foot USB 2.0 cable for easy maneuverability when viewing large surfaces
  • Intuitive software with measuring features
  • Windows and Mac compatible SOFTWARE and FIRMWARE: MicroCapturePro (Model B), Windows 7 (update 2.4.1) MicroCapturePro (Model B), MAC OS (update 2.4.1) MicroCapture Pro, Windows (update 2.3) MicoCapturePro (Model B), Windows 8/Windows 10 (update 2.4.1) MicroCapturePro , MAC OS (update 2.3)
  • Software CD not included

People Who Bought Celestron – 5 MP Digital Microscope Pro – Handheld USB Microscope Compatible with Windows PC and Mac – 20x-200x Magnification – Perfect for Stamp Collecting Coin Collecting Also Reviews

bGiFl says:

Having had some experience with these USB scopes, I probably was able to better sort out the rash of complaints listed in the latest dozen or so reviews.This USB scope met my needs and exceeded my expectation for picture quality.I primarily use this product to inspect Trichomes on plants and it works very well for this..Overall very fun with the children/grandchildren to explore the macro world and your coin/stamp collections! Check out the awesome choppers of a centipede, detail of your coins, or video a bee regurgitating nectar! Performs just as manufacture states, set up is easy and software install with no problems.These can cause strong reflections in the images.Base support arm is weak and flexes when adjusting focus, can’t get good focus when your scope support arm moves., but obviously NOT a high-end, "Digital Microscope"; based upon the price I did not expect more.Sorry to say that I am returning this unit for refund.Seems to be a driver issue.But it fell far short of my expectations.The older version is the one with the light adjustment on the cord.I followed the instructions and set it up on a Win 10 computer.The manual was not very helpful.It is well known that since Microsoft offered the free introductory Win 10, many of us switched to microsoft 10.No calibration, no access to different power, no file storage.Hooked it up and focused on the calibration gauge.Secondly, by outfitting a taller ring stand with a clamp, I can easily demonstrate dissection techniques to my classes without the need for a crowd of students around the dissection tray.The first microscope I received was dead on arrival.It was dead in the water.

QkwSb says:

The brightness adjustment has no effect — these is no light.I’ll get to focusing in a sec.Pretty solid.Software will not recognize it no matter what you do AND the company has apparently abandoned all pretense of customer support.Keep in mind, you get what you pay for.You neeed to stick your finger nail into the smooth focus dial and apply significant torque to turn it.ssl-images-amazon.The only way to achieve magnification is in the resolution you chose.I have had it for a week now and I find that It is definitely worth the money.The software is a hot mess though.I take pictures of the stamped bases of Civil War bullets and the resolution of the $19 version was just not satisfactory – plus, the software was all in Chinese, the included disc wouldn’t load the software to run it so I had to find it online and felt it was “iffy” .Some reviews were less than happy with this product but many more were quite pleased.There are two focal planes of magnification, levels which include the more extreme magnification.The item’s description states that it would function with my Macbook Pro and the OS, but when it arrived none of the drivers would load.At first it was acceptable for the price.The kids look at super small bugs under it, we did a great micro meteorite project with it for the kids 4th grade science project last year, I also teach and have used it in a couple of different classrooms with the kids to help them research great things like the owl pellets last spring or the plant fibers this fall.First one got “lost” when I moved.However, it still has a few shortcomings, such as the slide clips that cannot be easily removed., but it’s not really "professional".E-mailed tech support to tell them and they just sent the same software that was included on the CD.

YXorrB says:

The 5 MP is the highest resolution I have seen of similar products, it generates images 2592×144 pixels at highest image quality which is superb.My only issue is when you focus the back rod slightly moves .I use it to inspect and photograph small mechanical parts.(The Celestron website had an older version which wouldn’t recognize the camera under Windows 10.I installed the software, plugged in the microscope, and no image! nothing! it doesn’t work! Got a replacement for it, and had the same problem, no picture.I bought this microscope to examine and photograph the fine details in my 3D prints.Wrong.It was a little complicted setting it up and the instructions are not very good.Whether you are using it for bugs, stamps, or to get close ups of skin and hair.Without I would have never found it on the Matrix that had a normal size Trilobite.What attracted me to this was the stand.Windows 7 requires a patch .but is a great quality pice I bought this to make up for my vision problems when working with things close up. Man this is a good device for the price, it helps a lot with my electronics jobs inspecting the solder joints.I tried everything to get it working on my MacBook Air, redownloading the software multiple times to no avail.Zero.We freed the spider we trapped, over all great photos, intuitive enough to use.15.

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