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Celestron 44314 FlipView Handheld LCD Microscope (Grey) Review

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Celestron 44314 FlipView Handheld LCD Microscope (Grey) Review and Specs

  • Handheld digital microscope with integrated 3-inch full color TFT LCD screen that flips out and rotates 270 degrees
  • Versatile ergonomic design can be used three ways: handheld, on a flat surface with flip out leg, or with the included metal stand and ¼-20 connection
  • 5 MP sensor and 5-element IR cut lens configuration captures high definition images and video
  • 10x to 120x magnification (up to 300x on PC)
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • NOTE:Please refer to the user manual before use

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EPjxY says:

I thought a digital microscope might come in handy with that issue. Received in good condition Delivered on time.The Celestron flip view is easy to operate with one hand, takes a little practice and the clarity of the pictures are view on the screen.Tried three times and it failed me out in the field. Cool little scope….The lighting is prone to glare.Works like a charm.Returned this item the same day we received it.It takes decent pictures as a stand alone unit.Long story short, the screen is extremely poor — so poor that it makes it difficult or impossible to use in practice.I purchased for my 6 year old twin girls – they love them.I know nothing about digital cameras, SD cards and don’t even get me started about getting the images to display on your computer screen.Had difficulty locating different options.My 30x hand lens is superior.

KGHNu says:

It takes decent pictures as a stand alone unit.Have cycled the charge several times, every time it’s dead in a few hours.I returned all 3.Inusabili.Doesn’t focus very well, and detail is –> <use xlink:href="http://2azap. I am still evaluating this item.The best magnification was obtained taking a photo then viewing on PC.

xKJDeh says:

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