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Carson MicroFlip 100x-250x LED and UV Lighted Pocket Microscope with Flip Down Slide Base and Smartphone Digiscoping Clip (MP-250 or MP-250MU) Review

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Carson MicroFlip 100x-250x LED and UV Lighted Pocket Microscope with Flip Down Slide Base and Smartphone Digiscoping Clip (MP-250 or MP-250MU) Review and Specs

  • Pocket Microscope with a Powerful 100x-250x Magnification Range, LED lighting, and UV flashlight Feature
  • Portable Design Incorporates a Slide Base that Flips up When not in Use
  • Universal Smartphone Digiscoping Adapter Clip Allows You to Take Pictures and Video of Your Discoveries and Share Them
  • Powered by 1 AA battery (not included) Product dimensions (L x W x H): 2.4” x 1.25” x 4.25”
  • Also Includes a Slide, Cover Slip, and Wrist Strap Backed by Carson’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

People Who Bought Carson MicroFlip 100x-250x LED and UV Lighted Pocket Microscope with Flip Down Slide Base and Smartphone Digiscoping Clip (MP-250 or MP-250MU) Also Reviews

rCfmB says:

Please do not use this to view your bedsheets or that really old bag of flour in your pantry because you will question whether life is worth going on as I did.In all the pictures it shows these great close ups of tricomes even close up on deer ticks and whats ever else….I’ve discovered a whole world that I couldn’t see before.My instincts told me that if 10 or 20X power was pretty good, 250X must be amazing! Unfortunately, I never realized just how strong 100 – 250X would be.Back in the 80s this would have cost a few hundred bucks, if not I got the highest magnification I could thinking he would just get to see the physical features more intensely.It works awesome.99 for this.ssl-images-amazon.What inevitably ends up happening is that you attach the microscope to your phone using this very small grip attachment.The booklet lists a link to a PDF User Guide.Then I turned the dial to 250x and that’s the cotton looking one.The magnification on this unit was actually too high to take a good look at it.An extra flashlight is needed to see anything on the slide because it’s not bright enough.Luckily amazon agreed to send another one without me sending the whole package along with my other coffee products back which would take months.It is very disappointing.The clip is universal and worked for my android, iPhone 6 Plus, and my iPads.Not high quality optics, yet good enough to get a closer look.Its the lowered powered version this microscope.which means it is very little in terms of distortion in the range.

PosZx says:

Then increase magnification up to 250 with a little refocusing.I just needed enough magnification to view saliva, but I used it on other things, such as sticky notes with black ink and a cut on my friend’s finger.I was dismayed to find that it is not as well constructed as the cheaper version.Don’t expect to see cells, it’s 100x-250x, pretty pathetic if compared with big, heavy, 1000x machines, but for a handheld field microscope it’s fantastic and at a great price.I have a “regular” LM microscope at home needs power etc.The phone adaptor not useable, any small touch screen vibrates, can not focus no matter who, how many times one tries.Easy to use straight up .The UV light is mounted on the bottom, flush with the base.The kids were excited as they love science and learning but we were quickly disappointed that the microscope had several black flakes within the scope.I got decent images and was able to verify whether the seed embryos were germinating, or if they had empty embryos, and I wowed my flasking customers with the images.I can’t believe the quality of this device for the cost.Extremely frustrating if you are trying to focus on a particular thing!The phone holder is too weak for larger phones.5/5.Update- I am updating the review to 3 stars because if I attach my phone to it, I can see stuff.I’ve had a few different pocket microscopes/magnifiers over the years and this one seems solid.It’s nothing but blurry no matter how I use it and I can’t get a sign of anything to show up.The only down side to this scope is the fact that it makes me want a bigger scope and the desire to look at more of the tiny world around us.The flip down slide platform is a great addition and works well.My two little ones absolutely love this microscope.I was able to clean the stylus and inspected it again using this microscope.

nxnXYu says:

I wanted to geek out to find out how much resolving power the scope had, so I took some pictures at 100x, 250x of an iPhone 7 screen and a 0. This little pocket microscope is incredible.You can even attach it to your phone to take photos to share with the community.Better than with microscopes that say are more powerful.A gift to gove him something more to do outside.For what it is, it is worth the money.Then went out into nature and started using it there.Right out of the box, put in a new batter, correctly….Also you have to hold really still to see the item youre looking at.But I do like the slide feature and if you can get it to work looking through the phone is pretty neat as well.But the other day I got bit/stung by a really small flying insect and ended up having a bad reaction to it.As looked inside, I noticed the “Smartphone Adapter Clip” AND “Starter Slide W/ Cover Slip” were missing.Turns out, it’s cool for everyone! I was pleasantly surprised by how inexpensive it was and didn’t really have much hope for the quality but it gives a really nice picture.The 20-80x microscope is also good for this.For the price and small size, this is amazing. I raise and release monarch butterflies.The100 x 250 can get you some additional magnification but the LED is weaker UV bulb also.could not shake it off and no way of opening it to clean the interior.

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