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Carson eFlex 75x/300x Effective Magnification (Based on a 21" monitor) LED Lighted USB Digital Microscope with Flexible Stand and Base (MM-840) White Review

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Carson eFlex 75x/300x Effective Magnification (Based on a 21" monitor) LED Lighted USB Digital Microscope with Flexible Stand and Base (MM-840) White Review

  • Powerful USB Digital Microscope with 75x/300x Effective Magnification (Based on a 21” monitor) Contains Adjustable LED Lighting Knob and Focus Knob USB 2.0 or 3.0 Port Required
  • The included flexible neck stand with suction cup adapter attaches to any smooth surface or the included graduated base with ease Microscope Dimensions: 1.25 inch (L) x 1.1 inch (W) x 3.45 inch (H)
  • Capture an image or close-focus video with the click of a button No batteries required
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7 (32/64 bit), Vista (32/64 bit), XP SP2+ along with all MAC operating systems.
  • Backed by Carson’s One Year Limited Warranty

People Who Bought Carson eFlex 75x/300x Effective Magnification (Based on a 21" monitor) LED Lighted USB Digital Microscope with Flexible Stand and Base (MM-840) White Also Reviews

ymTsf says:

You just cannot beat it.Once you install the software and open the application, just plugging in the USB microscope initiates the power.Going through hundreds of coins and bills can be very tedious using a magnifier but this little gem allows me to put the images on screen and fly through my collection.I followed all the troubleshooting guidance on the website, but to no success.Once you get the hang of taking pics with it, it’s great.I found this on your YT channel… 🙂 Amazing product.It has already proven to be very useful in comparing two small components side by side which really showed the major size difference that was harder to see without magnification.It works with any webcam application, and the manufacturer has a simple application for capturing photos and video.I’d like to give it five stars, but the setup process didn’t go without a hitch.Use an external ring light and it will look a bit more natural.he had to prop it up on some books to get the focus to be just right, and the light on the device is actually TOO bright for his applications.The picking, shipping and packing was above par.It’s great for homeschool science activities and anything else where you need to get closer to tiny objects.While the software design leaves something to be desired, it works very well and does what I need it to do.The light could use some diffusing for shiny subjects but we’ll figure out how to diffuse it a little bit.Not sure why software would do that for a camera.I can’t vouch for Mac users but on Windows 10 this scope worked first plug-in and run of the “Xploview” app .The set up and performance matched the video demonstration.

bkpsJ says:

The section doesn’t suction it’s like a real microscope and your image comes backwards and upside down I think.Unit is not operating.I got it to help me solder some tiny parts onto a PCB board, but it’s fun to put just about anything under it to bring out a whole world of tiny. Great for documenting the diamonds sent to my jewelry business.Enlarges stamps so easier to sort for collection. Love the magnification but doesn’t stay stuck to the board.LED light is very bright. My son loved it and easy to set up.I use this productfor stamp collecting.This scope is well suited to this task.Other than that probably random defect this is a good buy.Easy to set up and use.Surprised at the quality for how inexpensive it is.What I don’t like is the software sometimes goes into a problem mode tither and slows down the system by presenting a multi color ball dancing across the screen. I have called the company several times since I recieced the Carson flex and left messages in about all departments.

qPVzID says:

It’s easy to set up at the same time I can narrow in on my images to the tee best bang for ur buck! I purchased this USB microscope for the purpose of examining the primary bevel on knives for scratch pattern and to identify any damage.I bought it more as a way to get my kids interested in science, and it’s perfect for that.It’s also extremely shaky in the hand.You have to download the software from a website.I’ll be looking again to see if there’s a lower power for circuit board inspection I was very surprised for under $50 how good this works images are very clear, very good magnification.0 minimum grandchildren love it<!– . Love, works as promised.It was super easy to set up and install on Windows 10.

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