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Carson 60x-75x MicroMax LED Lighted Pocket Microscope (MM-200) Review

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Carson 60x-75x MicroMax LED Lighted Pocket Microscope (MM-200) Review and Specs

  • Portable LED lighted Pocket Microscope
  • Runs on 3 SG3 Button Cell Batteries (Included)
  • Power and zoom controls (60x-75x magnification) for bright, clear images
  • So lightweight you can bring it anywhere
  • Measures 1.25 x 3.25 x 0.75 inches (W x H x D)

People Who Bought Carson 60x-75x MicroMax LED Lighted Pocket Microscope (MM-200) Also Reviews

ssYMC says:

ssl-images-amazon.I zoomed all the way in on a piece of fabric before placing it on top of my records so I wouldn’t be fidgeting with the dials while it was on top of the records.I was not able to pickup either.When I peered through the viewfinder all I saw was dirt, dust, gunk and junk on the inside of the lense.The LED light is great but I did have one, the first time i looked at my skin close up, i was all like "whoa".it is small.But, I finally figured it out.The magnifying glasses that I got in my mineral kits when I took geology are okay, but they only do 10x.If object orientation is not a concern then the reversed and inverted imaginary from the scope would not be an issue.I lost the expensive one, and have thought about it ever since, off and on.PRO: Let’s just say I was shocked…it worked! I saw things I did not expect to see and not just bugs.For 10 bucks this scope is well worth it.It’s particularly entertaining to look at money, coins, etc.However the new one only arrived with two batteries.Both magnification and zoom are adjustable, but this is most useful if you are observing things on a flat surface.With the prospect of a bountiful harvest looming ever nearer, I spent an inordinate amount of time lurking about my garden, magnifying glass in hand, keeping a close eye on the flower-bud development.purple grapes, pineapple and ginseng.Calling it a pocket microscope is a bit of a stretch.I could look at the grain of the bevel and look for wire edges and such.

OPNzy says:

From what I have been told, it is possible to do this with other microscopes. These things are awesome to just have around.but i find it’s so easy to get carried away with it.A dollar bill, on the other hand, I could view just fine .I was a little skeptical buying it because I had purchased a different brand before that was inexpensive but looked very good in the picture.Work around for that is to tilt the microscope at a slight angle..I have a slight tremor, and unlike other scopes I use for bio, the slightest millisecond of a small tremor while looking through the eyepiece loses the entire picture.It is small enough to put in your pocket and take with you to the park or even the shopping mall, then find various things to see.If you are hoping to take this out into the garden and see anything, at all, you will be disappointed.Spend the money and get a proper tool.The mechanics of the focusing mechanism were loose, so you had to keep your finger on the adjustment wheel.The LED light is extremely bright, and is powered by three SR41 button cell batteries that are included.You will not.I wanted to use it to spot flaws in silver coins, art pieces, etc.1 rule of manufacturing design today: “If it ain’t broke get in there and **** with it!!!” After having problems with a 7g iPod nano, I decided to a close look at the pins.This pocket microscope is awesome.Sometimes I’m in need of great detail.

cxiefn says:

Stamps,coins and things like that are Easy and ideal items to look at with this pocket scope.For the price I wasn’t expecting an electron microscope, and I didn’t receive one.But it’s very powerful and even at its maximum zoom, you can see clearly.Best to use it on a stable surface such as a desk, table, etc.The unit is about the size of an average adult’s pointer and middle fingers pressed together.This is not the case..Sometimes it is hard to see your item unless it is in the perfect viewing area.I am always prepared when curiosity strikes.But TINY.I bought this for my personal use, and within only two hours of using it, the controls became looser and more ergonomic.I have taken some microscopic pictures with my phone – will upload them soon.This device is not clear and not really focus to see detail.I use this mainly in the field to aid in identification any tiny critters I come across .Of course, I was always the kid who enjoyed taking her big microscope down to the lake to see what we were swimming with, so it guess it makes sense that I love this.Maybe mine is broken but there is a black shadow in the lense and you cant focus all the way in.Line up your object under the center of the coarse focus wheel.any reason you would need a microscope on a regular basis I would fully recommend trying this one out.For only $12, this is a great value, and a fun little gadget to have around the house.

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