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BEBIRD M9 Pro Otoscope Smart Visual Ear Cleaning Stick with 1080P HD Digital Endoscope for Earwax Cleaning Received A 4-axis Intelligent Gyroscope (Black) Reviews

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BEBIRD M9 Pro Otoscope Smart Visual Ear Cleaning Stick with 1080P HD Digital Endoscope for Earwax Cleaning Received A 4-axis Intelligent Gyroscope (Black) Specs and Review

  • 【World’s Safest Ear Otoscope Cleaner】The Bebird M9 Pro is 3.5mm diameter, much thinner than the diameter of other otoscopes, it is perfect to meet different ear man, woman and baby canal’s depth, which will Protect the Ear Canal and Eardrum from being hurt.
  • 【Easy to Use & Wide Compatibility】Download the Bebird App and install your device, it can be easy to connect WiFi with Android Smartphone / tablet and IOS iPhone / iPad. More functions, you can not only check ear canal and clean earwax, help your family member do ear exam, but also check ear for your dog, cat with the alcohol sterilization. It is also suitable for skin, teeth examination.
  • 【 High Definition Camera】Revolutionary 3.0 Megapixels HD Camera Technology, 1411313mm Lens with 6 LED Lights, which has Anti-Fog & Anti-Dust Technology, you can use in homecare and more Industrial areas. It is convenient for daily inspection of ear, nose, mouth, throat and other health conditions. All of Bebird Models with Constant Temperature Never is too cold or too hot, closing to the human body’s temperature, care your ears.
  • 【CE Certification】Our Otoscope has been FCC, RoHS, CE mark approved, and the Medical Bio-grade PC+Silica Material Ear Scoop is Soft and the Silicone Protective Plug can be safety to meet different people.
  • 【30 Days Money Back Guarantee & 12 Months Free Replacement Warranty】BEBIRD’s Brand Quality Assurance! If you have any problem with the Bebird M9 Pro, free contact us at any time. Our customer service staff and technical staff will try our best to help you solve all the issues.

People Who Bought BEBIRD M9 Pro Otoscope Smart Visual Ear Cleaning Stick with 1080P HD Digital Endoscope for Earwax Cleaning Received A 4-axis Intelligent Gyroscope (Black) Also Reviews

UYKyZ says:

ssl-images-amazon.Ive cleaned my ears a lot and it seems a lot for efficient than a q tip thats not even supposed to be jammed into ears lol Very surprised how bright and clear the camera on this device.I have always been curious because I have an overproduction of ear wax and I go to ENT doctor twice a year for ear cleaning.The attachments block the light and the camera at times.Image is JUST after opening the box: package unsealed, cap off, wire unbundled, charging base missing its top and replacement pieces, one cleaning tip still attached , no instructions, and a single long brown hair to top it off.Camera ceased to function in both the initial one I purchased and the replacement they sent me after limited usage.The only thing I didn’t like is that it doesn’t show very well on certain parts of the ear.That’s okay since it allowed me to purchase one of these new Pro models.I just have to buy the a new otoscope again as a gift.However, when it works and if you can get the thing in the correct angle it’s a good picture.I had a blockage in my ear for over a month .The setup is very quick and easy and the quality of the camera with recording function is amazingconsidering how small this is.Thank you Amazon! The scope connects to iphone through BeBird app and WIFI.Easy to use, but takes some time to get use to manipulation by video.Installation and use are fairly straightforward and easy to set up.So he never puts anything in his ears and doesn’t like liquid in them.

XVHSc says:

Opened the box right up 100% charged. Awesome! Works fantastic Amazing product! Amazing company! Can’t wait for next x17 pro version to ship! Great product.Gone are the days of guessing if there’s wax in my ear.There are TONS of reviews about it being detected as malware by various anti virus and security suites after you provide permissions.The battery is good along with the app that lets you know the exact percentage. Sadly I was so excited to receive and try out this product only to get it and have it be complete defective.The camera has fantastic quality! The picture is very clear and the app easy to use.Super dangerous. This little device is a must if you have kids I use it for anything that is tough to see as well it is very easy to use thanks for a very good quality piece of equipment I don’t know about the otoscope,never connected to the app Item didn’t connect with app, couldn’t even use Picture quality is great.There are plenty of attachments inside the charger to fit most needs.

miIais says:

ssl-images-amazon.This is smaller, not tied down to a wire, and has ear curettes attached.Tried this on multiple phones and tablets with the same results.Setup was so fast, and I was able to scrape a ton of icky stuff out of my ears! Once I got used to it and the angles at which to hold it, it was so’s really unfortunate cuz like I said I was excited so I’m going to send it back try something different.The replacement was fully functional and wrapped with everything included.You’re able to clear all the gunk out of your ears and it’s actually pretty fun to use it.You have different views for right and left ear but it doesn’t make much of a difference.Can’t see much of anything.Can be dangerous if you don’t go slow and calibrate your feel.The first one I ordered stopped working in 2 days, the replacement stepped working in 40 days.Set up was easy/ simple.DO NOT BUY Too complicated My childrens’ ears are so waxy, sometimes I can even see chunks sitting inside their ear canals while they’re walking around.Very bright light and clear picture.I originally bought this because my middle son was having some wax buildup that was impairing his hearing. Misleading pictures in description.

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