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Basic knowledge of microscope

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(1) optical microscope:

① An optical refractive imaging system composed of two groups of lenses is an eyepiece system and an objective system

② The requirements of illumination source of microscope: emit spectrum close to natural light; The illumination of objects should be moderate and uniform; Don’t transfer too much heat to the lens and objects

③ The most commonly used filters are colored glass filters. For large aperture objective lens, only by using the concentrating system to magnify the image of the light source and focus the image of the light source near the object to be observed, so as to adapt to the numerical aperture of the objective lens and obtain the maximum resolution.

④ The total magnification of the microscope should not exceed 1600 times.

⑤ Light microscope: Based on the fact that normal cells are left-handed to polarized light and a variety of tumor cells are right-handed, normal and tumor cells can be preliminarily differentiated.

(2) the dark field microscope is designed according to the principle of dingzel phenomenon in optics. It is mainly used to study the morphology and structure of cells.

(3) phase contrast microscope can be used to observe living cells and stained specimens

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