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Andonstar AD407 3D HDMI Soldering Digital Microscope with 4MP UHD and 7 inch Adjustable LCD Screen USB Video Microscopes for Phone Repairing SMT SMD DIY Review

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Andonstar AD407 3D HDMI Soldering Digital Microscope with 4MP UHD and 7 inch Adjustable LCD Screen USB Video Microscopes for Phone Repairing SMT SMD DIY Review and Specs

  • The parcel will be shipped from WC, you will receive parcel in 5-7 business days.
  • 1080( 60f/s) and has HDMI output,High object distance,depth of field is quite well.
  • UV filter, protect the lens from being dirty or damaged during soldering.
  • 7 inch adjustable screen, 4 MP image sensor, industrial lens, image is very clear and give you great view experience.
  • Adjustable stand, the microscope stand can move backward and forward, providing enough soldering working space.

People Who Bought Andonstar AD407 3D HDMI Soldering Digital Microscope with 4MP UHD and 7 inch Adjustable LCD Screen USB Video Microscopes for Phone Repairing SMT SMD DIY Also Reviews

rZBDc says:

Works great, image is stable, clear and crisp. Cheaply built, but it works great.Don’t think twice and do it. Needs a better base otherwise functions well the ability of sending the image on to a big screen via HDMI is a huge plus, no lag is even better Geat Surpassed Expectation Love it[review3] I have the AD407 and am extremely happy with everything.Overall, I was impressed with the picture quality, but part of me still missed the high-end optics and auto-focus.for example, I am looking at quarter – I can zoom in close enough to see certain features I’m interested in but cannot zoom out far enough to see the entire quarter.The picture quality is excellent, the construction sturdy, and learning to use it a breeze.For decades, I’ve relied on my trust 10x eye loupe to inspect part numbers, color codes, solder joints, whatever.With a 4k monitor it immediately snapped into 1920×1200 mode with beautiful output.Cheap made plastic should not cost $300.Perfect for SMD work on PCB’s.

bizvE says:

I use it for electronics.Personalmente lo recomiendo para trabajos de avance , aunque es perfectamente funcional para micro soldadura por su potencia y calidad……. Very good This microscope lived up to the specification published by vendor.Angeschafft hab ich es für Entwicklungen im Elektronik Bereich und dort als Hilfe zum löten von sehr kleinen Bauteilen.Haven’t tried the picture capture yet, but it’s nice to have.C’est très limite d’autant que ayant bien relu la page d’annonce de cet appareil, je n’y ai vu nulle part mention du format non Européen de la prise secteur.the stand the microscope attaches to is leaning to the left, had to insert a wedge to make it verticalyou have too unplug the device from the USB supply because it will not turn on ,once on if you turn it off, you cannot turn it back on again without unplugging the microphone is some where inside the unit so you have to shout to get any kind of audio, cannot alter the picture on capture, picture cropped, stays at 4032*3024, you have to adjust the size on the screen to compensate for the croppingwhen you view the video’s on youtube they show you that the space bar on the remote rotates the display, not on the current version of software installed on the devicehence the low Ratingapart from the above the unit displays a good picture both on the screen and on a 24″ monitor via the HDMI lead, It didn’t disappoint.Ich hätte aber gern die volle vertikale Verstell-Länge genutzt, um mit dem Lötkolben arbeiten zu können.Die Arbeitsfläche ist groß und die Beleuchtung ist sehr gut.I menu contengono opzioni che non sono selezionabili per questo modello, immagino che abbiamo realizzato un software unico per tutti i prodotti e non si siano messi a personalizzarlo per ogni modello.Incluidas las carcasas de pantalla que aún siendo en plástico, este es de calidad, puedes hacer vídeos y fotografías de tus trabajos para seguimiento que se almacenan en una ranura para Micro-SD que también incorpora la lupa, pero no trae la tarjeta, lo cual teniendo el valor actual, creo que debería incluirlo el paquete.Überprüfung der Nadelträger / Nadeln von Schallplattenspielern3.B.F.Taking picture and videos on the SD-Card can be a challenge, but it might finally work .Nun bin ich der glückliche Besitzer und habe viel Freude an diesem solide gebauten und einfach zu bedienenden Gerät.

ycZQUW says:

Die LED Lichter leuchten trotz abschalten mittels der Kabelfernbedinung weiter. Tres beau matériel, écran large et bien définit.Ich hatte vorher das 2 MP-Modell eines anderen Herstellers, das neben der geringeren Auflösung deutliches Flimmern und Bildrauschen –> <use xlink:href="http://2azap..Sehr gutes Display, darauf kann man alle Details wirklich gut erkennen. Das Produkt erfüllt seinen Zweck.suggest looking at various YouTube videos for learning how to use this.Buona profondità di campo Sehr gute Darstellung – einfache Handhabung Works great for pcb inspection.

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