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Andonstar 5 inch Screen 1080P Digital Microscope HDMI Microscope for Circuit Board Repair Soldering Tool ADSM302 Review

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Andonstar 5 inch Screen 1080P Digital Microscope HDMI Microscope for Circuit Board Repair Soldering Tool ADSM302 Review

  • 5 inch screen
  • IR remote control
  • Adjustable angle built-in screen
  • 1080P Full HD (via HDMI)

People Who Bought Andonstar 5 inch Screen 1080P Digital Microscope HDMI Microscope for Circuit Board Repair Soldering Tool ADSM302 Also Reviews

MESMQ says:

ssl-images-amazon.Comes with a nice stand and good lighting.I’ve only had experience with a few, but this Andonstar is much better than the others — even better than I had anticipated.For the price, I found this quite impressive and I’m sure it’ll be put to good use for soldering and other small tasks for which I previously used an optical microscope .However, there is one rather glaring problem as delivered.If your just using it at home or for work.Pictures are great some of the best I’ve seen.I just plan to copy images from the chip to my computer.This has excellent picture quality and a very tight field of focus and great magnification…almost too good as it is hard to get a wider field of view.I had to put some white paper on the glass of the lights because it has a blue hue to it.I just started a new hobby a couple of months ago that requires me to have to solder leads to tiny pcb circuit boards.Yes it is great for soldering too.Works great.The quality of the video is good though.I have plugged the USB connector to five different computers; two up to date win 10 laptops, one up to date win 7sp1 laptop, and two up to date win 7 sp1 desk top computers.I’ll be buying at least one more so my technicians don’t have to share it![review3] Super handy for everything small, including getting slivers out.Within a day of reporting the above problem, Andonstar customer support contacted me and offered as well as sent me a free replacement.I purchased a koolertron screen+microscope for around $130.

iWCds says:

My go to tool for small work. Excelente producto Pros: Views of chips crisp enough to efficiently solder smaller chipsCons: 1) Remote did not work 2) manual was written by a Chinese speaker that did not have fluency in English. I bought 2 months ago a digital microscope but was’nt convenient to me and then i bought ADSM302 and i found it very nice product ,High tech.Software is HORRIBLE (buggy, crashed.The curve of the flexible “gooseNeck” has to be so tight to aim at the subject that it will not stay put.Tried this on several different monitors all report 1080i input source..Microsoft provided driver not working, keeps stopping with error messages.Would recommend this product. Love the Microscope and its a huge help with my microsoldering repairs.It has good image quality, the LED light can be leveled and moved, it is easy to transport and above all, the freeze rate is almost non-existent.

xKfYyt says:

.En internet tienes Mods para montarlo en un soporte de micrófono o ponerle un anillos de leds alrededor de la lente.It gives exactly the level of detail I was looking for and has enabled me to resolve problems which without the facility to see what exactly what was in a grove at a particular point I could not have done.Easy to use.Die Optik ist OK, den Rest haben sie versemmelt.It actually exceeded my expectations and even included a remote which I wasn’t expecting. Beautiful product, great help while inspecting/soldering PCBs.I’ve used it several times already to fix some delicate and very small component on a board.Great scope for the cost. L’object est sympa et bien fait.Zum Lieferumfang gehörte auch ein USB-Eurostecker-Adapter, so dass das Gerät sofort in Betrieb genommen werden konnte. 画質はまぁまぁですね。倍率は560倍とありますが全然たいしたことないです。この手のデジタル顕微鏡の倍率って何が正しいのかわかりません。PCとの接続はマイクロUSBを画面上に取り付けるのですが、構造上無理があるためすぐに接触不良を起こします。だましだまし使用していましたが、本日完全に電源も入らなくなりました。保証も効かず。というか言う先もない、クレカの保証も効かなかったのでこれから新しいものを買いますが、最初からケチらずちゃんと保障対応のある国産メーカーのものを買えばよかったと後悔しています。<!– .En fait le logiciel ne se télécharge pas depuis le site du constructeur….

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