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AmScope Optical Glass Lens All-Metal LED Compound Microscope 6 Settings 40x-1000x Portable AC or Battery Power Reviews

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AmScope Optical Glass Lens All-Metal LED Compound Microscope 6 Settings 40x-1000x Portable AC or Battery Power Reviews and Specs

  • FIVE Magnification Powers Up to 1000x
  • 45 degree Inclined 360 degree Rotatale Monocular Head
  • Single Lens Condenser with Disc Diaphragm
  • Metal Framework and Built-in LED Illumination

People Who Bought AmScope Optical Glass Lens All-Metal LED Compound Microscope 6 Settings 40x-1000x Portable AC or Battery Power Also Reviews

decpp says:

ssl-images-amazon.I’ve used it on stagnant water and saliva, and have successfully been able to see cells with good clarity.ssl-images-amazon.I read the reviews before purchasing and one said the focus knob has to be held or it goes out of focus.We use this to check the success of a vasectomy reversal.Seemed well-made otherwise.They can be rough on things so I didn’t want a plastic toy and I wanted plenty of magnification to see what we can see.This is similar to the real life, lab microscope I used working in a real lab.I must say, it has a good weight to it and is very stable, and it is extremely well made!My husband and I were both surprised at the quality of the microscope materials and the smoothness of its functions.This year we learned about cells and we can see the cell walls of a plant with this which was pretty awesome! Just go ahead and get digital one like I should haveNow I’m going to have to buy anotherIt doesn’t zoom in and doesn’t work on any higher magnification than 10 Not easy or fun looking with one eye and can’t take any pictures so just get a digital Eh, it’s just ok.So glad I did! This definitely lives up to my magnification expectations and is well made and sturdy.I played with it a little and it is easy to use and quite sturdy.The 10X eyepiece does screw on and off, but the 25X will not fit.It has many cool features and backlights.He was pretty excited.With the additional eyepiece you can zoom from 40x magnification to 1000x, all magnification levels giving a clear image.None of these are deal breakers.The lamp was non adjustable and just way too bright.

nyqMi says:

Image quality is great.It’s extremely well built and an actual microscope, not a toy.Was well packaged. This is a great microscope.comes with a plastic tube no explanation.Got it for my 12 year old and she loves it!!! For the money it is not a bad microscope.I also bought some slides to go with it. This was a huge hit at Christmas.Definitely buy some of the ready made slides that are suggested, they are awesome for your little scientist.It is fascinating just what a simple deceased bug magnified 40 times means to a child.This one has no such problem.Works great![review5] Was a birthday gift and he loved it.Ok for kids of all ages, but to advertise that it lists for $450 is not true reality.Worth the extra money not to buy a play model.Only has a coarse knob, so it’s a bit hard to focus especially when using the 40x objective with the 25x eyepiece.we tried the toy ones but ended up returning them right after.

HnDPGE says:

But it was supposed to come with additional slides but we didn’t see any.Very pleased so far with this microscope.not included.I purchased a slide set and book with them so that she would get a lot of use out of it while she learns about the machine and what it can do.It’s easily focused, and a great price for the money.It is a very cheap scope in cost and quality.However just a few things I’m disappointed with, the stage does not move left or right and I found the light to be too bright even with the brightness adjuster on the smallest opening.My child loves it.If they were honest with the pricing they would probably sell more of them.good shipping and shipping from seller.Have had it almost a year now.To me, that is just awesome.She just recently got it out for the first time and she and her boyfriend got into the box of slides I also ordered, and actually made one of lady bug guts on their own.He is over the moon with this microscope.One for my grandson and one for my great-grandson.She already uses a 10-30x binocular dissecting microscope to view insects and rocks, and now uses this microscope alongside for higher levels of magnification. We bought this for homeschool and it is amazing.

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