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AmScope – MD35A MD35 New Microscope Imager Digital USB Camera Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 Review

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AmScope – MD35A MD35 New Microscope Imager Digital USB Camera Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 Specs and Review

  • High quality microscope USB digital camera offers 640×480 effective pixel resolution, compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Captures still images and streams real-time videos on your computer screen
  • User-friendly editing and processing software for Windows offers advanced features including stitching, EDF (Extended Depth of Focus) and measurement
  • Adds real-time video capability to any microscope with standard 23mm, 30mm or 30.5mm photo port

People Who Bought AmScope – MD35A MD35 New Microscope Imager Digital USB Camera Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 Also Reviews

tBJAE says:

This definitely fit the for my eight year old daughter that loves everything science.No fault of the camera – just the way it is, I know, but it was a bit disappointing that what you see is not what you get , and it might help future buyers to understand that if it is replacing a 10x eyepiece, magnification will be increased – which MAY be desirable.It works nicely both with my AMScope M148 and with an antique Olympus scope that I have.ssl-images-amazon.The camera narrows the field.ON RECEIVING THE CAMERA I INSERTED THE SOFTWARE AND MY COMPUTER WOULD NOT READ THE DISK.Not super high pic quality, if you want high quality check out the manuf web site for 2MP and higher, but this is great for starters.They were absolutely rude, terrible customer service.Picture quality is not the best but it is still a good way to see and record microscopic stuff! For the price this is perfect for the amateur.installing the software on my computer took a few minutes and once it was installed it was fairly easy to figure out just by doing some experimental clicking. it does ok, definitely good enough to show my five year old grandson what the micro world looks like.Software no issues.Also, the color quality was poor.But overall, it was extremely neat to be able to display the images on a monitor for everyone to see.3 megapixel camera?”zero point three!!!!Search for the Swift 1.

QZqBR says:

Even though I changed the power supply setting as recommended, it was hard to see my objects because of the flickering.It was too late and was very disappointing.I had to use tape to hold it in place.An excellent, small, easy to use camera Very helpful, I use it sends pictures to my vet.We had to hold an led flashlight on our object to get enough light into the camera to get a picture to show up.If the software was as intuitive and user friendly as the hardware, it would be a five star rating.You’ll love the software, you can do a lot with it. Good product.The PC screen makes studying the slide so much better.I probably see 1/10th of the area that is normally visible.Poor customer service response when you need them.

stgrjz says:

Use it as an educational tool for students.The Amscope is a sharp little guy with different lens attachments.The kids were amazed, came on time.I did not find set up to be REAL intuitive.Easy set up. much better stuff out there Very disappointing, don’t waste your money.Can’t fine tune resolution.Haven’t tried recording video or pictures but look forward to trying.Set up was easy.This allows it to be used in muitl-camera production software such as Ustream producer 5 Studio.The software has tons of editing features. I set this up on one of the kids’ laptops.

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