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AmScope M158C-E Compound Monocular Microscope WF10x and WF25x Eyepieces 40x-1000x Magnification Brightfield LED Illumination Plain Stage 110V Includes 0.3MP Camera and Software Reviews

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AmScope M158C-E Compound Monocular Microscope WF10x and WF25x Eyepieces 40x-1000x Magnification Brightfield LED Illumination Plain Stage 110V Includes 0.3MP Camera and Software Reviews

  • Digital compound microscope with integrated 0.3MP camera and USB 2.0 output for capturing or displaying images on a computer or projector, compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10
  • Monocular viewing head with interchangeable 10x widefield and 25x widefield eyepieces, fixed 45-degree vertical inclination to reduce eye and neck strain, and 360-degree rotation capability to provide a more comprehensive view and enable sharing
  • Forward-facing nosepiece with 4x, 10x, and 40x DIN achromatic full-glass objectives that provide high-resolution color-corrected images
  • Cordless and rechargeable, Brightfield, LED illumination, and 0.65 NA single-lens condenser with disc diaphragm
  • Plain stage with stage clips to secure slide and a stage stop to prevent damage to slides or objectives

People Who Bought AmScope M158C-E Compound Monocular Microscope WF10x and WF25x Eyepieces 40x-1000x Magnification Brightfield LED Illumination Plain Stage 110V Includes 0.3MP Camera and Software Also Reviews

iaoGY says:

I ordered the M148 to use with my fourth-grade class and when it arrived there was a defect in one of the lenses that caused a big smudge to appear.The instructions, for example to change from optical to computer viewing, were abysmal and might as well have been absent.I had an old USB microscope which was like 30 bucks and it did not look good even at 40x.WRONG.I was skeptical, but this turned out to be an amazing microscope for basic needs.I did not get the higher quality resolution for the computer screen and do think that this one is more than and got very quick too.But for these two issues, I think the scope is great, let me see if the customer service comes through with replacement, then will change my rating.As a retired clinical laboratory scientist and Medical Technologist , I have used some of the highest quality optical microscopes available so I have some familiarity with the use of these instruments.Camera works great using supplied software.We ordered the scope along with some pre-assembled slides and other slides.The power receptacle at the base of the microscope does not make a solid connection.The problem is that it does not have a touch screen, will not display emojis, and makes no sounds (like ringtones, etc.Camera works fine and for the price very good.This one is great for kids because you can view on your laptop screen OR project it onto the wall if you have a projector.Was difficult to focus and never provided a clear image.For example, sometimes 1/3rd of the circle appears black.It is very sturdy and has a very smooth operation.I haven’t used a microscope for many years, but it was easy to use for my purposes.The only thing that would make this better is a stronger light in the microscope.

vvJhC says:

Very good quality.Other than that it is an excellent begineer’s microscope.Love that we can see on the computer screen for teaching purposes and so we all don’t have to wait our turns.It’s a great starter microscope! Definitely recommended as a hobby or beginner scientist tool! Bought this microscope for my son.This is a fantastic instrument for a beginner to get started doing real microbiology, at an affordable price point.Our initial impression was really good build quality and great materials.It’s not a very expensive microscope, it’s perfect for a beginner who wants to explore the more scientific part of their world.We have enjoyed looking at our prepared slides together on the computer.We bought the AmScope 40-1000 Microscope and a box of 50 prepared slides together and when she opened this gift from Santa Clause she hooked it up right away and that is all she wanted to do, just look at slides.The metal frame is solid.I was interested in this microscope because it would allow me to use my computer to project the slides with my classroom projector.I use it to examine the edges of blades I sharpen for defects, and to make images of them for comparison purposes.I bought this for a Christmas gift and it was a hit with him and the whole family.The free slides are great if their is a lake or pond close by for families/parents to prepare some slides on the spot for youngsters.I understand why there were no slides sent along with the microscope, and feel foolish for having expected this. He absolutely loves his microscope. THis is an excellent beginner’s microscope.

hmZzrS says:

I solely use the computer hookup to look at stuff since I dont enjoy staring down a little viewfinder.And it was for a while.He just turned 11.The only qualms I have about it are the lack of slide holder x and y movement, and the fact that the fine focus is not quite as fine as I would like.The software is pretty easy to use, the USB lens worked well. I have not seen the grandchildren use it yet.I had been tempted to buy a cheaper microscope , but after looking at all of the reviews decided to take the plunge and get something that looked more useful and would keep their interest for years.I would have given 5 stars but the cable from camera to USB did not work, good thing I had my own cable.The company replaced the scope right away.The item was delivered quickly.When I was a kid I wanted a decent microscope.I just love it.A screaming deal for what I got.Good microscope for the price.It was hard to download the drivers from the net so I had a friend with a CD rom download and put the drives on a jumpdrive.

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