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AmScope LED-144W-ZK White Adjustable 144 LED Ring Light Illuminator for Stereo Microscope & Camera Reviews

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AmScope LED-144W-ZK White Adjustable 144 LED Ring Light Illuminator for Stereo Microscope & Camera Reviews

  • Provides intense and focused shadow-free illumination
  • 2. 5″ (62. 5mm) inside and 3. 64″ (92. 5mm) overall outside diameters
  • Power input: 110-240V, 50-60HZ, auto switching
  • 1-7/8″ (48 mm in diameter) ring adapter included

People Who Bought AmScope LED-144W-ZK White Adjustable 144 LED Ring Light Illuminator for Stereo Microscope & Camera Also Reviews

OqeXN says:

My light arrived with one of the screw holes stripped out already, making it impossible to securely tighten the light.5 Barlow lense, Amscope customer service would not give me the time of day because I didn’t purchase this from them.If you have a barrows lens on your microscope, the mounting ring screws onto the bottom of the barrows lens.I have mounted it to the rectangular lens simply by friction fit .Some complained about the ring being made from plastic, and yes it feels cheap, but then it is cheap.I would have appreciated a slightly longer cord on the power adapter, but it’s pretty good as-is.Also just noticed that they no longer ship to my area? How odd.Overall, I am very pleased.Stereo scopes are commonly used for viewing opaque objects: rocks; coins; macroscopic dissections; watch innards, etc.This light has changed the game for me.It works very well.The ability to adjust the brightness is great.It’s good enough.We were getting a week out of the halogens.The cable is long enough to be routed alongside an articulating arm, but the power unit barely extends past the c-clamp base of the arm.Some owners complained the DC adapter plug is a straight kind..I do not have any threading inside the lens housing and, in any case the ring adapter is too small.This helped complete that purchaseThe light ring is adjustable in brightness from dim to well more that I need.[review3] Works great.

OxKoy says:

Easy to adapt to a 12V gel cell for portable use. Fits Amscope perfectly.It may seem over-priced for a simple LED array, but the screw-in ring allows one to secure the light with adjustable pins, resulting in a light source that has radial symmetry with respect to the object of focus, virtually eliminating unwanted shadows. Provides light so I can see what I am doing under the scope! Plenty bright and easy to install! There are no threads in the bottom of the objective lens barrel of OMAX G223E.For this process you need exceptional lighting that is evenly distributed. Great price for what it is.They make the AmScope microscope so much more useful. This thing works really really well.brightness being adjustable came in handy today when I had to read the serial number on the aluminum macbook I was to work on.And having the brightness adjust knob right there on the scope instead of having to take my eyes away to find the light source is wonderful.The extensive use of plastic gives it a flimsy feel, though.In the past I spent $200 for an LED light ring.The power adapter also makes a very high pitched noise that drives you insane after a few minutes.The brightness can be proportionately adjusted to obtain the perfect viewing conditions.I bought this lamp to replace that one – this new ring light works great and I hope it lasts longer than the old one! For the cost this light works well for my occasional microscope use.

EkbGYb says:

The slightest bump of the microscope makes the whole thing fall off. Works just as described.Works great.I’ve seen reviews before that complain about the low light intensity for 10x magnification, it may be true, for my application I’m set at 1x pretty most of the time and 100% setting is too bright Excellent service and build quality! good this thing is great, I am going to buy more!! nice and bright<!– . It is pretty good.Adjustable brightness and on off switch.I solved the problem by taping a ring of white paper over the lens.

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